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移行いこう(n,vs) switching over to/
移管いかん(n) transfer of control/
移出いしゅつ(n,vs) export/shipping out/
移着いちゃく(vs) adhering or embedding of wear debris in the opposing surface/
移牒いちょう(n) notification to authorities/
移植いしょく(n,vs) transplanting/porting/implantation/engrafting/(P)/
移り変わるうつりかわる(v5r) to change/
移入いにゅう(n,vs) importation/ingression/migration/transfection/
移調いちょう(n,vs) (musical) transposition/
移動図書館いどうとしょかんmobile library/bookmobile (USA)/
移項いこう(n,vs) transposition/
移動体いどうたいmoving body/
移動いどう(n,vs) removal/migration/movement/(P)/
移行期間いこうきかん(n) period of transition (e.g. from old to new system)/
移るうつる(v5r) to move (house)/to be infected/to be contagious/to transfer (department)/(P)/
移し替えるうつしかえる(v1) to shift (move) (an object) to (into)/
移行計画いこうけいかくtransition plan/
移ろううつろう(v5u) to change/to fade/
移り行くうつりゆく(v5k-s) to change/to shift/to come and go/
移り香うつりが(n) lingering scent/
移り気うつりぎ(adj-na,n) whim/frivolity/fickleness/inconstant/capriciousness/
移籍いせき(n,vs) changing household registry/transfer (e.g. of one's name in the register)/
移すうつす(v5s) to remove/to transfer/to infect/(P)/
移設いせつ(n,vs) moving establishment/
移民いみん(n) emigration/immigration/emigrant/immigrant/(P)/
移住いじゅう(n) migration/immigration/(P)/
移行性いこうせい(adj-na) transitional/
移りうつり(n) change/transition/return present/
移乗いじょう(n,vs) transferring to/

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