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為来りしきたり(n) customs/
為着しきせlivery/servant's clothes provided by employers/
為初めるしそめる(v1) to begin to do/
為体ていたらくstate of affairs/predicament/
為残すしのこす(v5) to leave unfinished/
ため(n) good/advantage/benefit/welfare/sake/to/in order to/because of/as a result of/(P)/
為り手なりて(n) candidate/suitable person/
為政いせい(n) governing/administering/
為納めしおさめ(n) finishing up/
為す術も無くなすすべもなく(exp) to at one's wits end/
為続けるしつづける(v1) to continue to do/to persist in doing/
為さるなさる(v5aru) (hon) to do/(P)/
為政者いせいしゃ(n) statesman/(P)/
為替かわせ(n) money order/exchange/(P)/
為替投機かわせとうきcurrency speculation/
為替管理かわせかんりexchange control/
為替レートかわせレート(n) exchange rate/
為るする(vs) (uk) to do/to try/to play/to practice/to cost/to serve as/to pass/to elapse/(P)/
為出来すしでかす(oK) (v5s) (uk) to perpetrate/to do/to finish up/to be guilty of/
為替相場かわせそうばexchange rates/
為放題しほうだい(adj-na,n) having one's own way/
為過ぎるしすぎる(v1) to overdo/to do too much/
為尽くすしつくす(v5) to do everything possible/
為悪いしにくい(adj) hard to do/
為ん術せんすべ(n) proper methods/
為替裁定かわせさいていexchange arbitration/
為すなす(v5s) to accomplish/to do/(P)/
為替尻かわせじり(n) balance of exchange/

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