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慰労いろう(n,vs) recognition of services/
慰問袋いもんぶくろ(n) soldier's comfort bag/
慰んだ挙句に捨てるなぐさんだあげくにすてる(exp) to throw a girl away after making her one's plaything/
慰安会いあんかいrecreational get-together/
慰労会いろうかいparty given in recognition of a person's services/
慰安旅行いあんりょこう(n) pleasure trip/company (office) trip/
慰問品いもんひん(n) comfort article/
慰藉いしゃ(n) consolation/
慰謝料いしゃりょう(n) consolation money/solatium/(P)/
慰安婦いあんふ(n) army prostitute/
慰留いりゅう(n,vs) dissuasion from resigning or leaving/
慰めるなぐさめる(v1) to comfort/to console/(P)/
慰み半分なぐさみはんぶんpartly for fun/capricious/
慰霊いれい(n) comfort the spirit (of the dead)/
慰み物なぐさみもの(n) (person treated as a) plaything/
慰むなぐさむ(v5m) to comfort/(P)/
慰み者なぐさみもの(n) (person treated as a) plaything/
慰安いあん(n) solace/relaxation/(P)/
慰霊塔いれいとうmemorial tower/
慰藉料いしゃりょう(n) consolation money/solatium/
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