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案文あんぶん(n) draft/
案内状あんないじょう(n) letter of invitation/
案価あんか(iK) (adj-na,n) low price/cheapness/
案分あんぶん(n,vs) proportional division or distribution/
案内所あんないじょinformation desk/(P)/
案文あんもん(n) draft/
案山子かかし(n) (uk) scarecrow/figurehead/
案じるあんじる(v1) to be anxious/to ponder/
案じ顔あんじがおworried look/
案内書あんないしょ(n) guidebook/
案内図あんないずguide map/
案内係あんないがかりclerk at the information desk/
案を立てるあんをたてる(exp) to draft a proposal/
案件あんけん(n) matter in question/subject/(P)/
案ずるあんずる(v5z) (1) to be anxious or concerned about/to ponder (anxiously)/to fear/(2) to investigate/to consider/to plan/
案内あんない(n,vs) information/guidance/leading/(P)/
案の定あんのじょう(adv,exp,n) sure enough/as usual/(P)/
あん(n,n-suf) plan/suffix meaning draft/(P)/
案出あんしゅつ(n) contrivance/(P)/
案下あんか(n) under the table/word of respect added to the addressee's name on a letter/
案に相違してあんにそういして(adv) contrary to one's expectations/
案内書呈あんないしょていpresentation of a guidebook/
案外あんがい(adj-na,n-adv) unexpectedly/(P)/
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