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悪党あくとう(n) scoundrel/rascal/villain/
悪食あくしょく(n,vs) eating poor food/eating meat/eating repulsive things/
悪鬼あっき(n) evil spirit/demon/devil/
悪擦るわるずれる(v1) to get worse and worse/
悪いわるい(adj) bad/inferior/(P)/
悪い風邪わるいかぜbad cold/
悪習慣あくしゅうかんbad habit/evil practices/
悪症あくしょう(n) malignant or virulent disease/
あく(n) evil/wickedness/(P)/
悪足掻きわるあがき(n) wicked mischief/wicked play/
悪たれあくたれ(n) rowdiness/a rowdy/
悪事あくじ(n) evil deed/crime/wickedness/(P)/
悪ふざけわるふざけ(n) prank/practical joke/horseplay/mischievous trick/
悪婆あくば(n) mean old woman/
悪道あくどう(n) wrong course/evil course/
悪業あくぎょう(n) evil or sinful deed/bad karma/
悪戦苦闘あくせんくとう(n,vs) hard fighting/
悪さわるさ(n) badness/mean mischief/
悪事を働くあくじをはたらく(exp) to commit a crime/to do evil/
悪怯れるわるびれる(v1) to be timid/
わる(n) bad thing/bad person/
悪疾あくしつ(n) malignant or virulent disease/(P)/
悪巫山戯わるふざけ(n) prank/practical joke/horseplay/mischievous trick/
悪性リンパ腫あくせいリンパしゅmalignant lymphoma/
悪馬あくば(n) wild horse/unmanageable horse/
悪貨は良貨を駆逐するあくかはりょうかをくちくする(exp) Bad money drives out good money/

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