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委譲いじょう(n,vs) transfer/assignment/
委員会を置くいいんかいをおく(exp) to form a committee/
委付いふ(n) abandonment (rights, property)/
委ねるゆだねる(v1) to entrust to/to devote oneself to/(P)/
委託販売いたくはんばい(n) consignment sale/
委員会いいんかい(n) committee meeting/committee/(P)/
委棄いき(n) abandonment/desertion/relinquishment/
委縮いしゅく(adj-na,n) withering/atrophy/contraction/dwarf/
委託研究いたくけんきゅう(n) contract research/
委員いいん(n) committee member/(P)/
委任いにん(n) charge/trust/(P)/
委曲いきょく(n) details/circumstances/
委員会に諮るいいんかいにはかる(exp) to submit (a plan) to a committee for deliberation/

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