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囲いに入れるかこいにいれる(exp) to place in an enclosure/
囲い者かこいもの(n) mistress/
囲碁いご(n) Go (board game of capturing territory)/(P)/
囲碁三級いごさんきゅうthird rank in the game of go/
囲炉裏いろり(n) hearth/fireplace/
囲むかこむ(v5m) to surround/to encircle/(P)/
囲みを破るかこみをやぶる(exp) to break through a siege/
囲繞いじょう(n,vs) surrounding/enclosure/
囲うかこう(v5u) to enclose/(P)/
囲みかこみ(n) enclosure/box/column/siege/
囲いかこい(n) enclosure/paling/storage/(P)/
囲繞いにょう(n,vs) surrounding/enclosure/
囲い込みかこいこみ(n) enclosure/
囲み記事かこみきじ(newspaper) column/

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