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伊達女だておんな(n) flapper/
伊達衆だてしゅう(n) dandy/gallant/chivalrous person/
伊達姿だてすがた(n) flashy appearance/
伊呂波イロハ(n) traditional ordering of the Japanese syllabary/
伊達巻きだてまき(woman's) undersash/rolled omelette mixed with fish (paste)/
伊達いたて(adj-na,n) dandyism/vainglorious/showy/gallantry/
伊勢神宮いせじんぐうGrand Shrine at Ise/
伊達巻だてまき(n) under sash/omelet wrapper/
伊勢蝦いせえび(n) spiny lobster/
伊達男だておとこ(n) dandy/dude/
伊勢海老いせえび(n) spiny lobster/
伊達者だてしゃ(n) dandy/dude/
伊勢大廟いせたいびょうthe Grand Shrines of Ise/
伊艦いかんItalian warship/
伊勢大神宮いせだいじんぐうthe Grand Shrines of Ise/
伊勢丹いせたんIsetan (department store)/
伊井いい(pref,suf) that one/Italy/

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