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Show details for 胃stomach
Show details for 栄エイさか(える)、は(える)、は(え)glory
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型染めかたぞめ(n) stencil dyeing/
型紙かたがみ(n) pattern paper (for dressmaking)/
型通りかたどおり(adj-na,n) formal/
型番かたばん(n) pattern number/
型破りかたやぶり(adj-na,adj-no,n) unusual/unconventional/
型式けいしき(n) (a) model/
型枠かたわく(n) (a) mold/
型変換かたへんかんtype conversion/
かた(n) mold/model/style/shape/data-type/(P)/
型に嵌めるかたにはめる(v1) to stereotype/to squeeze into a pattern/to regiment/
型式証明かたしきしょうめい(vehicle's) type certification/
型崩れかたくずれ(n,vs) losing shape/getting out of shape/
Show details for 建ケン、コンた(つ)、た(てる)、た(て)build

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