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Information regarding start dates

Q When can I commence my studies at YAMASA?
A There are two start dates per year for those students who would like to study Japanese for an extended period in the AIJP Course with a Student Visa - April and October. There are four possible start dates per year for these two courses if you do not require a Student Visa - April, July, October and January.

We also provide short term Japanese language courses where students can start on almost any Thursday throughout the year. These are setup for students who would like to study for a period of 2 to 12 weeks and need flexibility.

For more detailed information please take a look at the Course Comparison page or enquire directly to Yamasa.

Requirements for enrollment

Q Is there an age limit for students?
A Students need to be at least 18 years of age to apply for a student visa. There is no maximum age limit. For students under 18 who would like to study at Yamasa please enquire directly.

Q Are courses divided up into different levels?
A Courses are divided into different levels.

In order to create an optimal learning environment each of Yamasa’s Japanese language courses are divided into levels.

Every student entering The Yamasa Institute sits assessment tests. Through these tests our teachers gain an understanding of each student’s current ability and places them in the class of their chosen course that best matches their ability.

There are also online tests for particular courses. We create classes to match each and every student's ability.

Preparation for enrollment

Q What is the procedure for applying for a student visa?
A Yamasa supports each student who makes an application for a Student Visa. Once you have enrolled online for an application kit through our website you will gain access to PDF files. Among these files are the application forms, a completed sample application - to help guide you through the process, and a Visa Kit Introduction Guide. The Introduction Guide explains exactly what information and documents you need to provide to make your application. Once you have completed your application you then send it via a reputable courier to the Yamasa Institute during the application period.

We then assess each application and ensure all requirements have been fulfilled. If something is missing, we will contact you and ask you to provide it before we submit all applications to the Immigration Office.

The application fee must be paid before we start assessing your application. Details are included in the Visa Kit Introduction Guide.

Yamasa will then send successful applicants the Certificate of Eligibility for Resident Status. Applicants then take this to their country's nearest Japanese Embassy or Consulate for issuing of the Student Visa.

Q How long does it take to receive a reply once an application for enrollment has been made?
A We will reply to course enrollment applications or any questions you may have via email within one business day. Once we receive your application we will guide you through the steps required before you commence your study.

Q Can I find accommodation that is close to the school?
A A unique feature of the Yamasa Institute is that we have our own accommodation facilities for each and every student that studies at Yamasa. It is important for each student to stay comfortably during their time in Japan to allow them to focus on their Japanese study.

Yamasa’s accommodation options include the dormitory style Student Village, a range of self-contained apartments, and a homestay option with a Japanese family.

All of the accommodation facilities are directly managed by Yamasa and have been built in quiet, safe neighbourhoods. All of the key necessities for comfortable living are located within walking distance of our accommodation. These include supermarkets, restaurants, a post office, convenience stores, and large shopping centres, among many other convenient facilities.

When renting accommodation in Japan a guarantor, key money, and a security deposit are required. However these are not required for Yamasa's accommodation. What's more, Yamasa's accommodation are equipped with all essential furniture, which allows students to concentrate on their studies as soon as they arrive.

Your living arrangements make up an important factor in ensuring your study experience in Japan becomes a success. This is why Yamasa provides secure accommodation to all students enrolled in a course at an affordable cost.


Q Once I have arrived in Japan, what is the best way to get to Yamasa?
A There are two transport options for you to travel to Okazaki, once you have arrived in Japan. Yamasa Admissions staff will guide you in more detail through this process once you have enrolled in a course.
  • Train
A Yamasa staff member will come and meet you at Okazaki Station [CA52] if you decide to travel to Okazaki by JR train. This service is complimentary.
  • Our pickup service
The Airport Pick Up Service is from the Nagoya Chubu International Airport (Centrair). This service is not free. You have to pay 12,000 JPY in advance.

For more information please refer to the “How to get here from” page in the About Yamasa section of this site.