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Welcome to the FAQ

Note: this FAQ database is under constant development. New entries will be added from time to time.

For questions about Yamasa or Japan, the language or living/studying here this directory should contain what you need. Please look through the FAQ thoroughly before contacting us.

This FAQ has 8 main sections. Number 1 is the table of contents and FAQ notes. Numbers 2 to 8 are the actual FAQ. The 9th section is for USENET / FJ - Japan related newsgroups.

Contents/Notes - Table of contents, maintainers notes.

Study/Applications - This section covers questions concerning enrolment in Yamasa programs (either in Japan or Online), application procedures & student status, the curriculum, faculty and teaching methodologies of the various Japanese language programs including textbooks and learning resources etc, the various visa categories available for students at Yamasa, minimum entry requirements for courses etc.

Facilities/Housing - This section covers questions concerning Yamasa's on-campus facilities, all of accommodation [including the homestay program], internet & telephone facilities and so on.

Local Area - This section covers questions concerning Aichi Prefecture, Nagoya City, the Hane-cho suburb where our campus is located in Okazaki City, things to do, local services and organizations, festivals, historic sites, local transport, places to shop, eat or sightsee etc.

About Japan - (Under Construction) - This directory contains answers to questions about Japan in general, non-language specific aspects of Japanese Culture (including Art, Craft, Music, Climate + Weather, Demography & People, Economy + Industry, Education, Entertainment, Environment, Nature, Ethnic Groups, Food/Cuisine, Geography, Geology/Earthquakes, Government/Politics, Money and Banking, News & Media, Religion, Sports and so on).

About Nihongo - This directory contains answers to questions about the Japanese language, historical and modern linguistics, learning Japanese, Japanese proficiency tests, Japanese sign language and braille, Japanese literature, regional dialects, kanji, translation & intepreting, modern slang, the particles, "dajare", wordplay and so on.

Life in Japan - This directory contains answers to questions about practical matters concerning living in Japan such as health care & insurance, utilities, emergency services, obtaining a driver's license or using an IDP (international driving permit), trash/rubbish recycling, credit cards, post office services, banking services, precautions concerning natural and manmade disasters, counselling services, pregnancy help, legal advice, foreign embassies, chambers of commerce, neighbourhood issues including the chonaikai, media, employment,holidays, taxation, immigration issues.

Travel - This directory contains answers to questions about travelling in Japan including the online travel guide, phrase book, travel by train, bus, ferry, hitchhiking, driving in japan & rent-a-car, finding and reserving accommodation, major festivals, skiing, snowboarding & winter sports, national parks, safety.

USENET/FJ hierarchy - Japan related newsgroups and forums.

Click here to see the entire FAQ List.

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