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The highest quality programs in Japan:

Language Diversity
Language diversity at work
The tuition fees of the Yamasa Institute have not been increased since 1999, when the core curriculum was changed from a general program to more intensive and focused courses such as the AIJP and SILAC. That change necessitated a massive increase in the number of classes taught to each student. Since then there have no tuition increases, and for some programs, small decreases. Yamasa does not recover all costs through tuition fees, but provides the programs through the financial support of the Hattori Foundation and other benefactors.

During the same period since 1999 however, the

  • faculty has grown into one of the largest in Japan,
  • student to faculty ratio has steadily decreased to where it is now the lowest of ANY accredited school in Japan,
  • number of proficiency levels in both the academic and extension streams is higher than any other school all year round,
  • average & median class size is consistently below 70% of the maximum class size,
  • the maximum class size (rarely reached) is itself set more than 25% lower than the Ministry of Education recommendations,
  • number of subsidized rooms/apartments available for students has increased from 39 to 191 - all within walking distance,
  • number of types of accommodation has increased from 2 to 11 - massively increasing the number of options and amount of choice,
  • entire campus has been wired with fiber-optic cable providing free internet access to all students,
  • massive investment in new facilities has increased available floorspace per student to the best ratio in the country,
  • comprehensive support network provided by Student Services has grown to cover every aspect of student life from health care to IT support, from travel assistance to outplacement.

    Flexible, Affordable, Focussed:

    At the same time, the number of program options and start dates has multiplied, with 4 academic start dates per year instead of 2, and 26 extension program start dates per year instead of 5. The Institute has also instituted an admissions process that ensures native language and cultural diversity. Of the more than 300 accredited programs in Japan, and the numerous non-accredited schools established by overseas institutions, Yamasa is the only school that never has more than 30% of its student body from any one nation, and never has more than 35% of its student body sharing the same native language. This matters - it means that the common language between Yamasa students is the target language - modern contemporary Japanese. An outline of the Admissions selection process can be found here.

    The reason why these changes have occurred is because the Institute is student driven. Every single program at Yamasa has been designed from student feedback. It takes time to incorporate major changes, but little changes and improvements are done on an almost daily basis. We make extensive use of the website and databases, and use the cost savings made in administration to further improve the programs, facilities and services. With the exception of applications requiring a student visa (ie for long term studies), all applications can be completed online, and applicants receive an immediate response either confirming acceptance, advising of waitlist status or in the case of rejection, the reason (for example language quota etc).

    Our objective is to be fast, lean, and able to allocate resources towards improvements in teaching and quality (for example double glazing of windows in student housing). Every single possible yen that can be reallocated towards teaching and student support is done.

    Visit Yamasa and see for yourself:

    Don't take our word for it. Please feel free to take advantage of some old fashioned Mikawa hospitality and come and visit Yamasa to see it all for yourself. Make your decisions with confidence. Visit us on a Campus Open Day, or if your schedule is such that you can't make it on one of those days, please note that we can still make arrangements for you. Visiting professors and studyabroad advisors are also always welcome. Yamasa can provide you with overnight accommodation in our guesthouse. We can organize for you to be able to sit in on a class. Come and see Okazaki City and take a tour of the campus and housing facilities as well as the local area.

    C O M M U N I T Y   M E M B E R S
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