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Campus Open Day:

If you have the opportunity to visit us, why not? While we try to use our website to create a "Virtual Yamasa", it is always easier to ask questions, check out the different accommodation options, see the local area and get a good idea of how your life as a student in Okazaki would be if you can see things for yourself.

Our Campus Open Day package includes...

  • Discounted accommodation (if required) for the previous evening. Accommodation for a second night can also be booked.
  • Train/Bus station pickup service (for either evening or morning arrival)
  • Campus tour (all facilities including ancillary services and radio station)
  • Class audit (participate in a class - any level from beginner to advanced)
  • Lunch with faculty member(s) and student(s)
  • Accommodation tour (includes all residence and villa locations)
  • Local area tour (covers the Hane-cho suburb, parks, gyms & public facilities, shops & restaurants etc)
  • City tour (Okazaki Castle, and a visit to one or two of Okazaki's many heritage sites)
  • A free drink at the campus bar and "happy hour pass" giving discounts for the rest of the evening.

    Make your decisions with confidence. Visiting professors and studyabroad advisors are also always welcome. Campus Open Days are scheduled throughout the year, usually on Thursdays or Fridays, with the exception of the New Year break. The full list of Open Days for the coming year is included in the reservation form.

    Can't visit Yamasa on an open day???

    If you are unable to visit on a Campus Open Day, please feel free to visit on any other day - you will need to make a reservation so that we can allocate staff to assist you. Please note that we are closed on all Sundays. We would still be able to provide the Train/Bus station pickup service, campus tour and accommodation tour. If it is a weekday in term, we may be able to arrange a class audit, though it may depend on schedules (for example if your visit clashes with an examination period etc). If you visit on a Saturday or a public holiday then auditing a class would not be possible. It would also not be possible to guarantee a local area tour, city tour, lunch or accommodation inside Yamasa's student housing.

    We can make bookings for any of the hotels in Okazaki on request. Hotels in Okazaki usually range from 5000 to 7500 yen per night for single room accommodation. Twin, double or ryokan accommodation can also be organized. Please contact us by email at least a few days prior to arrival.


    Advanced Payment

    Paid on the day

    Without accommodation (arrive at campus in morning)

    950 yen (online or bank transfer)

    1200 yen (cash or credit card)

    With 1 night's accommodation (arrive at campus previous evening)

    4000 yen (online or bank transfer)

    4600 yen (cash or credit card)

    With 2 night's accommodation (leave campus day after)

    7400 yen (online or bank transfer)

    8200 yen (cash or credit card)

    Click here to reserve a Campus Open Day place.

    Click here to arrange a visit for any other days.

    C O M M U N I T Y   M E M B E R S
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