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Location of the Yamasa Institute in Hane-cho suburb

Yamasa's campus is located in the residential area of Hane-Cho, about 10 minutes south of the center of the city. The closest railway station is JR Okazaki station (the main station) which serves the JR Tokaido and Aichi Kanjo lines. The JR Tokaido line is the main trunk route through Japan between Tokyo and Osaka. The Meitetsu line station is located further north in Myodaiji. It is possible to travel from the Meitetsu Higashi Okazaki station to the JR station by bus in about 15 minutes. The major arterial roads are National Route 1 (the main road between Tokyo and Kyoto and successor to the old Tokaido road) which runs directly through Okazaki. To come to Yamasa please turn onto road 248 (the main road between Toyota City and the port of Gamagori). If you are arriving by expressway, exit the Tomei at Okazaki IC and turn onto Route 1. Click here for more information.

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