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Are you having difficulty finding information about Yamasa or anything about Japan, Japanese or living/studying here? This FAQ site SHOULD contain what you are looking for. If you can't find what you need please contact us - we have a large team of people here in Okazaki waiting to help you.

The table of contents is below. Please note that you can search the English FAQ by......

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1.  Notes about this FAQ site

2.  Aichi Center for Japanese Studies (ACJS - faq | website)
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  • Accommodation/Homestay
    OK, I can have a coffee maker in my room in the student village. But sometimes I need a beer. Any chance of a small refridge of beer in the room???

    I'll be staying in a single-roomdorm there at the village, and I was wondering if the closets included come with hangers, or if I should bring my own. Are there places to store non-hang up clothing, like shorts and pajamas?

    Is it convenient for me to ship a futon back to my country if I buy one? What is the weight of the Futon and size.

  • Campus/Facilities
  • Programs/Courses

    What are the difference between the AIJP and AJSP and the acceleration program?

    Tell me about the electives in the academic programs.

    Is the Graduate Diploma equivalent to a Master's degree?

    How much do the Friday Culture courses cost, and can we sign up for them now, and pay in advance?

  • Tuition/Accommodation Fees/Costs
    How much does it cost to issue a cheque for a refund?

    What is the tuition fees differences between Yamasa and other language schools? Why did you claim that you have the lowest cost?

  • Communication/Telephone/Internet
    I was also wondering if someone could send me more information about the "wireless web access" linked by Frontia on the Hotel page as we would be bringing laptops with us.
  • Visas/Part-time jobs
    I'm supposedly not allowed to take studies of any kind while on a tourist visa. They say I need a student visa in order to clear customs in Japan. Is this true?
  • Transport, Trains
    Are train schedules to Tokyo readilly available? How much would they be, how long is the train ride, and how often do the trains run?

    Is there any public transport from the JR station to the Rec World Hotel? How much is it and how long will it take?

    How much notice do you require for the Nagoya Airport pick-up service?

    How hard is it to get a used bike to use when I am at Yamasa?

    Nagoya to Oakazaki train pass?

  • Banking Finance
    Difference between bringing travellers cheques or cash (not yen).

    Does the bank in Okazaki have ATMs all over the ken or just in Okazaki?

    Do I need a gaijin card to open and/or close a bank account at this bank?

    Do you know if I need a gaijin card to close a Post Office account?

  • Health Care, Insurance
  • Dictionary

    Life in Japan
    Life in Okazaki
    On another note, I love swimming, is there a pool nearby open to the public?

    I was just wondering whether there is a gym near where i will be staying that i could join during my stay.

  • Scholarships, Fellowships, Workstudy, Financial Aid
  • Questions about the Japanese Language
  • Questions about learning Japanese
  • History Project

    How do I receive the 10% JET discount? I am currently working on the JET Program.

    I got a question about the Proficiency test. As I read thru the newsletter, I know there is a Japanese Proficiency test held at Dec. for students > who will study thru Dec. in Japan and now students can > start to apply for the test. However, for students > like me who will start at Oct., do I need to take the > test? Is it necessary to take the test to get > guaduated? What is the test about? There are several > different levels, what is it about?

    Also, can you tell me the details curriculum of SILAC? what kind of conversation it's emphasize on? Business? official Keigo? between friends? media (like movies/Tv)? popular phrases?

    Can I have information on the J-TEST please!

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