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How to contact Yamasa    (Email, Postal Mail, Telephone and Fax)

(1) Email to Yamasa

For general inquiries, universities/corporate/media contacts. Or questions about specific html files, or unlocatable information, please write to

For inquiries about programs, housing, status of applications, quotation or invoice requests, please write to

(2) Postal Address

Please note that addresses in Japan are written in the reverse order to that common in western countries. Please write clearly - printing the address using BLOCK LETTERS is usually best. Block letters are usually easier for the Post Office staff to read.

The address in Japanese is:

Please note that if you wish to write to a student at Yamasa, or send something to yourself - it is best to use the Institute's address, NOT your/their student accommodation address. Simply write the name of the student on the letter or package underneath the Institute address and our internal mail system will deliver it to the student. Also useful for registered mail and courier items - where they won't be able to deliver it unless someone signs for it. In many cases the courier services attempt to deliver parcels to a student accommodation during class hours, so its better to have it sent to the Institute where the Customer Services staff are always on hand to assist.

(3) Telephone/Fax

Telephone Number: 81-(0)564-55-8111 OR Facsimile Number: 81-(0)564-55-8113


  • If calling from outside Japan, dial 81-564-55-8111. 81 is for Japan, its the country code. The city code becomes 564, you don't need the 0.
  • If calling from outside Okazaki city, or using a cellphone/mobile, dial 0564-55-8111. 0564 is the city code.
  • If calling from inside Okazaki city, just dial 55-8111.

    Regular office hours are 08:30-18:00 Japan Standard Time which is GMT+8 hours.

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