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The Yamasa Institute
Innovative, International & Non Profit
supported by the Hattori Foundation (est. 1919)
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About the Yamasa Institute:

The Institute is an independent non-profit center for Japanese language education teaching and research. It is located in a city called Okazaki in Aichi Prefecture (in central Japan). The Institute is endowed by a non profit, non government education philanthropy called the Hattori Foundation. The Foundation was established in 1919. For email addresses and contact details please click here.

Yamasa has a large faculty and online community, supporting several thousand scholars and students with a wide range of web based education services. The Institute currently consists of two schools:

  • Aichi Center for Japanese Studies - This is the large "bricks and mortar" campus in Okazaki that is close to the main JR train station, with excellent facilities and housing for students.

  • Online Center for Japanese Studies - This is the "virtual" campus supporting the online distance learning programs, supported by extensive infrastucture including our campus radio station, the distance learning theater and other facilities. As with the Aichi Center, the Online Center has its own fulltime faculty.

    The mission of the Yamasa Institute is....

  • to provide high quality instruction and total support to the ACJS learning communities.
  • with Okazaki, Japan and the internet as our classroom, to maintain our reputation for innovative programs and personalized high quality instruction.
  • to prepare our students for professional careers or graduate schools in Japan and abroad.
  • to utilize faculty experience and specialized skills to teach Japanese in its full cultural context.
  • to admit students of a wider and more diverse range of national, linguistic and economic backgrounds than any Institute in Japan.
  • to provide at-cost programs and extensive financial assistance, flexible scheduling and customized learning.
  • to use a variety of onsite and offsite resources to support all information and training needs.

    The Yamasa Institute encourages and supports the exchange of students and scholars to and from Japan. We place special emphasis on supporting Japanese language teaching faculties offshore. The Institute has consistently set and upheld the highest benchmarks in Japan for standards of good practice, strive to provide one-to-one service, professional education and training and opportunities for lifelong learning.

    C O M M U N I T Y   M E M B E R S
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