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Mission and Brand

YAMASA is your world first choice for Japanese Language Education.

Our values

Values and integrity are of the utmost importance; no matter what field we are engaged in. For this reason, YAMASA bases itself on and strives to live up to the ideals of:

  • Surety

    As a leading provider of Japanese language education, we have cultivated a long term reputation of providing high quality Japanese study programs. If you enroll at YAMASA, you can be reassured that you will be taught by teachers who are amongst the best available. In addition to the educational opportunities provided at YAMASA, you can also rest easy knowing that upon arriving at our campus, your accommodation needs will be taken care of as we offer a variety of housing with onsite maintenance provided.

  • Diversity

    Since YAMASA was founded, we have boasted a multifaceted and varied student population with enrollees from Europe, North and South America, Russia, the Middle East and Asia. Against this backdrop, we aim to do our utmost to meet the needs of each of our students through the provision of customized courses of study thus guaranteeing that you will have the best possible chance of achieving your individual study objectives. While YAMASA is a unique and culturally varied learning community, the use of Japanese language is a constant of student life at YAMASA. For this reason, you are sure to have ample opportunity to practice the Japanese that you have learnt.

  • Empathy

    All teachers and staff at YAMASA strive to maintain friendly and productive relationships at all times; meaning that you will be treated as much more than ‘just a number’. We understand that moving to a completely foreign country is a daunting prospect, especially for those who are moving overseas for the first time in their life. For this reason, our teachers and customer service team will do their best to support you not only educationally, but where possible, personally.

Our Mission

Boasting a track record of nearly 100 years, the Hattori Institute, and by extension YAMASA, is proud of its ability to meet the needs of a wide variety of stakeholders.
To this end, we have made it our mission to:

  • Improve the quality of language education not only here in Japan but also abroad thus our mission is not merely limited to our immediate geographical locale.

  • Offer value for money in the amount of classes that we offer. While other institutions provide classes ONLY in the morning, YAMASA is different in that it provides classes in BOTH the morning and afternoon therefore giving you as much exposure as possible to the course content.

  • Promote the Okazaki and larger Mikawa region as a vibrant hub of culture and education.

  • Exceed the expectation of all our stakeholders (students, commercial partners, and teachers). It is our belief that when someone deals with YAMASA and they come away from the experience feeling even more satisfied with than what they had first anticipated, then we have succeeded.

  • Get things right the first time, every time. Consistency and reliability are valuable commodities and we try our utmost to provide them in everything we do to make sure that any inquiry you may have will be handled swiftly and professionally.

  • Make sure that the little things are taken care of so that you can concentrate on the bigger things. By looking after the day to day things such as housing, utilities and travel arrangements, you will be better devote your energies to the study of Japanese.

  • Deliver personalized and energetic customer service based on the idea of the customer leaving with a smile on their face every time.

  • To achieve equitable outcomes for all of our stakeholders whenever possible and to make YAMASA a byword for fairness and evenhandedness.

  • Work in partnership with all our students so that they can walk away feeling fully informed. At YAMASA, students are never left in the dark as to what is going on regarding their studies.

Our Brand

  • Increased Contact Hours

    As mentioned earlier, while many schools offer morning classes exclusively, YAMASA differentiates itself from the rest by not only running classes during the morning but also classes in the afternoon. This guarantees that you will not only give yourself an opportunity to improve your Japanese language abilities but will also allow you on the financial investment you will make.

  • Personalized Learning Tailored to YOUR Needs

    Borrowing from renowned educational theories such as Gardner’s theory of multiple intelligences and Fleming’s VARK modalities, we aim to provide curriculum that is both engaging and compatible with various learning styles. This means that you will not get lost in the mix and your individual learning preference will be at the forefront of our thinking.

  • Student mix graph A Culturally Diverse Student Body Committed to the Learning of the Japanese Language

    YAMASA hosts students from a vast number of countries. Over the course of our existence, we have played host to students who came from over 80 different countries. While the students enrolled in our programs do come from differing cultural backgrounds, they all share the same goal: to achieve proficiency in the Japanese language as well as an interest in Japanese culture thus making it an ideal environment to study in.

  • Comfortable and Affordable Accommodation in an Attractive and Livable Destination

    Many students who arrive in Japan often come on their own and it’s often the case that they may not know anyone in the area that they plan to stay in. Therefore, it may be intimidating for them to arrange accommodation. Dealing with a real estate agent in one’s native language can be intimidating yet it can be terrifying to do so in a foreign language. For this reason, YAMASA provides a range of accommodation options; ranging from one room studio apartments to 3LDK (Living Room, Dining Room, Kitchen) accommodation to billeting our students out to stay with a Japanese family. The community upon which you will be residing, Okazaki, is a peaceful, friendly and vibrant community which boasts access to facilities such as hospitals, shopping malls and cultural centres. The community feel provided by living in Okazaki allows us to keep tabs on your situation. This may not be the case with language schools in larger urban centers. Also roughly half an hour away by train to the city of Nagoya (population 2.2 million though the metropolitan area is considerably larger), you will also have access to all that this urban center has to offer.

  • Customized Support both Educationally and Personally

    Coming to a foreign country can be a life enriching experience but it is one that also can pose many challenges. While there are the obvious cultural and linguistic differences that many of our enrollees may encounter, there are also other more individually specific requirements that students possess that need to be considered upon them coming to Japan. YAMASA is able to provide assistance on these fronts thanks to our highly specialized, bilingual team of Customer Service professionals. Our CS staff can assist you with things as minor as handling your mail to bigger things such as providing interpreting services when visiting the hospital.

Interested? Let us introduce to you what YAMASA has to offer in order to achieve you Japanese study goals.
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