YAMASA II Campus Center

    YAMASA II is the main campus building where most of the lessons are taught. It is located within 7 minutes walk from JR Okazaki train station, close to the Okazaki city center, shops, restaurants, banks and many other service facilities.

    All our staff members and teachers works here. This makes quick replies to the student's requests possible.

    YAMASA II lobby

    The main building has 17 classrooms along with staff rooms and other facilities. There is also plenty of space reserved for students to review and self-study after class. The building is equipped with air conditioning and free Wi-Fi, which enable students to concentrate on their studies.


    The size of each class is small, but our classrooms are spacious. They are arranged so that students can study Japanese while interacting with their teachers and classmates. The seating arrangement differs from class to class to fit the style of each class.


    Staff Room

    Friendly teachers and staff welcome students here and students can receive consultation regarding their classes and career options. Various life supports such as dormitory and hospital are available. Students can sign up for weekend tours and cultural experience lessons here.


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