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Villa 3

Villa 3 was remodeled in June 2018. It offers 5 themed rooms. Each room has its own characteristics. You can choose from Zen room, Kawaii room, Gamer’s room, Pet friendly room and Halal room for your stay. This new apartment will definitely make your stay in Japan more special and memorable.

Location: It is the closest to the campus (8 minutes walk, 5 minutes by bicycle). The apartment is also close to shops, restaurants, supermarkets and bus-stops. If you are looking for convenience for getting out of town to see the sights of central Japan, the apartment is a 10 minute bicycle ride from JR Okazaki Railway Station which is on the JR Tokaido Line (the main trunk route linking Osaka - Kyoto - Nagoya - Shizuoka - Tokyo) and gives you excellent access to Nagoya, Kanayama, Mikawa-Anjo, the marina/onsen resort of Gamagori on Mikawa Bay and Toyohashi.


Description: The space of each is 22 square meters (approximately 236 square feet). Each has its own bathroom with western style toilet and unit shower/bath. They have air-conditioning/heating, a large wardrobe, and a kitchen with a kitchen sink, a saucepan, frying pan and kettle. Yamasa also provides a refrigerator, 2 jet gas range/cooker and electric rice cooker. Please note that utensils are not provided, but can be purchased cheaply at a nearby store. A bed, desk, chair, study lamp and bookshelf are provided for each room. (Zen room doesn’t furnish with desk, chair and bed, instead, there is a Kotatsu table. (A low table with a heater.))

Washing machines: Washing machines are located between Villa 3 & 4 apartments and can be used for free.

Internet: Each room has 1 wireless router with 4 LAN 1Gbps sockets to connect you directly into the Internet for free unlimited access.

Futons: Futons are not provided but can by rented or purchased from Yamasa. See "Details of Furnishings" on this page.

Room Details

Zen Room

Main room

Zen room is a Japanese style room with comfortable tatami mats and a shoji style window. Bed, desk and chair are not furnished with, but there is a kotatsu table (a Japanese low table with a heater) in the center. You can use the space more flexibly when you put the futon away. These unique features will give you a feeling of Japanese culture and tradition and make your stay special.

Kawai Room

Main room

Kawaii room is recommended for those who like Japanese cute pop cultures. The room is based around the color pink and decorated with a famous Japanese mascot character. You can step away from your everyday life and spend your free time with fun.

Gamer's Room

Main room

This room is recommended for those who like video game and music. The wall facing the next room has a soundproof function and there is a 32 inch screen TV. You can enjoy your free time without worrying your neighbor.

Pet Friendly Room

Main room

This room welcomes your family pet. There is a pet fence between the living room and the kitchen, and on a wall, there are some steps which cats can enjoy jumping from one to another. If you can't think of living separated from your pet, this room is ideal. Students who don't have any pet can also choose this room.

Halal Room

Study desk

This room is for muslims only. They can stay here without worrying about refrigerator, cooking tools and so on, because they were newly installed after remodeling.

External Views

Details of Furnishings

Type Apartment
Room Facilities
Room Furnishings
Air conditioner
Air Conditioning
Desk (excl. Zen room)
Chair (excl. Zen room)
Bed (excl. Zen room)
Cooking Utensils
Gas burner
Gas Burner
Wired Connection (1 Gbps LAN)
Wireless Connection
Shared Facilities Laundry Machines (Free)
Notes ・There are no parking lots available.
・Please consult us in the case that you will be using a 50cc scooter.
Bedding (Separate Fee) Hire:¥2,000 per week
Extension:¥500 per day
*Handling fee:¥2,500

Floor Plan

Villa 3 & 4 floor plan


Street View