Residence K

These 14 studio apartments are about 16-20 minutes walk, (about 7 minutes by bicycle) from the campus. The apartments are located in a very quiet residential area.


Location: As well as being close to the campus, the Residence K is also close to shops, restaurants, supermarkets and bus-stops. If you are looking for convenience for getting out of town to see the sights of central Japan, these apartments are a short bicycle ride from JR Okazaki Railway Station which is on the JR Tokaido Line (the main trunk route linking Osaka - Kyoto - Nagoya - Shizuoka - Tokyo) and gives you excellent access to Nagoya, Kanayama, Mikawa-Anjo, the marina/onsen resort of Gamagori on Mikawa Bay and Toyohashi.

Description: There are 3 buildings in total. The apartments are western style with no tatami matting. The floors are of polished wood. The space of each is 26 square meters (approximately 280 square feet) with a balcony of 3.2 square meters (approximately 35 square feet). Each has its own bathroom with unit shower/bath. There is a western style toilet. The toilet and the bathroom are separate so its easier to share the apartments. The apartments have air-conditioning/heating, a large wardrobe, and a kitchen. Yamasa provides a refrigerator, electric hotplate and electric rice cooker. There is no gas cooking. In the main room Yamasa provides a TV, desk, chair, study lamp, bed and bookshelves.

Washing machines: Because there is no coin laundry available on-site, and because local coin laundries are considered too expensive, Yamasa has installed a washing machine in every apartment for student use. At this stage we are unable to also provide a dryer, though all of the apartments have a covered balcony at the rear of the apartment. Bicycles are usually parked in front of the apartment entrance or in the courtyard. Both areas are very secure.

Internet: There is free 100 MBits LAN cable Internet access in each apartment. Connection to the Internet provider is realized by fiber-optic backbone.

Telephone: There is no telephone provided inside the apartment. Most students prefer to use the cheaper option of handheld cellular phones. SIM card for smart phone is available at Customer Service.

Futons: Futons are not provided but can by rented or purchased from Yamasa. See "Details of Furnishings" on this page.

Room Interior

Details of Furnishings

Type Apartment
Room Facilities
Room Furnishings
Air conditioner
Air Conditioning
Induction cooker
Induction Hot Plate
Washing machine
Washing Machine
Wired Connection (100 Mbps LAN)
Notes ・There are no parking lots available.
・Please consult us in the case that you will be using a 50cc scooter.
Bedding (Separate Fee) Hire:\1,500 per week
Extension:\300 per day
*Handling Fee:\2,000

Floor Plan

Residence K floor plan


Street View