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A treasure trove of all things central Japan.

This site was a project that was launched in 2008 and designed to help students and travelers to:

1) Find out more about the more ‘authentic’ destinations within Japan. Additionally, we aims to show you places that are considered ‘off the beaten track’ and are considered inaccessible to the garden variety tourist. This will allow you to mix with the locals and practice your Japanese language skills.

2) Provide longer term visitors to Japan and/or Okazaki with information that will help them in their day to day lives. This will eventually include information concerning topics such as registering as a foreign resident, hospital visits and public transport.

The Destinations section of this page aims to provide detailed information concerning various locations in Japan, as well as answers to many questions concerning travelling around this unique and beautiful country. Many destinations in Japan (these can include National Parks, UNESCO listed World Heritage sites, and surprisingly - even world renowned locations in Kyoto and Nara) have very little information available in foreign languages. Due to space constraints and commercial decisions, most guidebooks are only able to provide superficial information about many of the destinations that Japan has to offer.

※Disclaimer - Whilst we do list information concerning various tourist locations, information concerning topics such as opening hours, prices, booking procedures and/or timetables may be subject to changes beyond our control. For this reason, we would like to stress that this is a guide concerning the locations/events listed, and that it is advisable to get in touch with the people/organizations in charge of the location that you wish to visit or activity that you wish to participate in.
Suggestions, additions and correction of errors are always welcome. If there is anything that you believe should be amended, please feel free to contact us