Arrival Registration for any Airport other than Nagoya

This form is for students arriving via Narita or Haneda (Tokyo), Kansai (Osaka) or any other airport in Japan except for Nagoya, before proceeding to Okazaki by train, car or bus.

Please use this registration form if you are taking a connecting flight to Nagoya.
Please use this registration form if you are already in Japan, or if you are arriving in Japan 7 days or more before your scheduled program commencement date.

Please ensure that you have checked the information regarding our airport and train station pickup services.

Please complete all sections.

Arrival Information

1. Name:
2. E-mail address:
3. Passport number:
4. Program name:
5. Program start date:
Year: Month: Day:
6. When will you arrive in Japan and which airport will you be using?:
Date of arrival in Japan:Year: Month: Day:
Which Airport will you arrive at?
Flight arrival time:Hour: Minute: *Use 24-hour clock
Flight number: For example UA8229 (United Airlines)
Arriving from: For example New York JFK Airport

7. When and by what method will you be travelling from your arrival airport to Yamasa?:
Date of arrival in Okazaki:Year: Month: Day:
Arriving by:
Estimated arrival time in Okazaki: Hour: Minute: *Use 24-hour clock

8. Amount of luggage:
9. Message (if any):
10. How do you come from Okazaki station to Yamasa?
11. Date of arrival in Okazaki station:
Year: Month: Day:
12. Time of arrival in Okazaki station:
Hour: Minute: *Use 24-hour clock