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Schreiben Sie ein Beitrag zum Studenten Netzwerk

Alle Studenten die an einem Yamasa Programm teilnehmen, können Artikel, Bilder, Homepages und anderes zum Studenten Netzwerk beitragen. Alle Beiträge werden durch uns geprüft, diejenigen die als geeignet für das Studenten Netzwerk oder die Newsletter gelten und publiziert werden, bekommen von uns eine Entschädigung. Die Höhe dieser Entschädigung wird vom Editor im Rahmen der untenstehenden Tabelle festgelegt. Bitte nehmen Sie mit dem Editor kontakt auf, befor Sie einen Artikel schreiben oder senden.

Wenn Sie einen Beitrag schreiben wollen, lesen Sie die folgenden Richtlinien sorgfältig durch, und kontaktiren Sie oder den Editor befor Sie anfangen zu schreiben.

Beitrag für die Newsletter: schreiben Sie einen Artikel für den Japanführer, oder den Dingen in Japan (ein Artikel zwischen 500 und 1000 Wörtern). Artikel sollten recht detailliert sein, genügend Informationen haben

Newsletter Articles: write about anything for the Japan Guide or Student Travel Guide (an article between 500 and 1000 words, connected to a location in Japan) or Things Japanese (an article about anything Japanese connected to culture, history, anything in general that is not really connected to one place, again 500 to 1000 words). Articles should be fairly detailed, containing a reasonable amount of information so that a reader can get an idea of what the place is like and whether they want to go there, or give a general overview of a point of culture, custom, etc. Please make sure you get your facts right as well!

Guidebook: articles connected with shopping, life, entertainment, etc. for the interactive guidebook. These should contain information such as opening hours, locations, addresses, telephone numbers, services, how to get there, quality, prices, points of interest, etc. "It's there, here's a picture" is not quite enough.

Homepages: If you have a homepage you would like to put in the homepages section, please contact us with the URL or the files and we will see if it is suitable for inclusion. Material should be relevant to Yamasa, Japanese, not go out of date easily - see the existing pages for good examples (particularly Regine Mowill's page).

Photos: Of or related to Japan, Okazaki, Yamasa, events, etc. We will select the best ones between now and March 31st 2001. The winner will get a free gold pass for use at any time of year. (Open to all students at Yamasa and alumni- including those who are not in Yamasa at the moment). Photo of the month will also be posted in the photos section.

How to do it: The more you do, the more we pay you. The less you do, the more we have to do, so the less we pay you. Simple. So, a page like Regine's would earn you about 10,000 Yen. Without the pictures, or without them scanned, we would deduct for the time we have to put into making the page presentable. So, if you can write simple HTML code, we would be very happy and pay you more. But don't forget that you also need decent content...if it looks pretty but causes death by boredom, we can't use it. So make sure that what you write is informative (or, try what I do and just attempt humour to cover your inanity).

Maximum prices that we pay for material are listed below. We only pay for contributions from present students and alumni.

Item:Length (words):Pictures:HTML/Text:Payment:
Homepage2,000+YesHTMLup to 10,000 Yen
Homepage2,000+YesTextup to 6,000 Yen
Japan Guide Article700 - 2,000YesHTML/Textup to 5,000 Yen
Japan Guide Article700 - 2,000NoHTML/Textup to 3,000 Yen
Things Japanese Article700 - 2,000YesHTML/Textup to 5,000 Yen
Things Japanese Article700 - 2,000NoHTML/Textup to 3,000 Yen

Some guidelines to maximise your earnings (i.e. what we like to see and what will make us pay you the most):

  • When we say HTML above, that means HTML that is fairly clean and straightforward - i.e. something that we can work on and fit to our page without too much effort. Do not use a program like Front Page, Builder, etc. if you cannot write HTML. Use the templates below. Click the link, Click "View" on the browser, choose "view sourse". On the notepad where teh HTML opens, choose "File", choose "save as" and save to your disc. To work on the code later, double click the file you saved, and it will open in a browser. Choose "view source" again in the "view" menu, and then scroll down until you see the line saying "DO NOT ALTER ANY TEXT ABOVE THIS LINE". From that point, enter your text and images. Save the file ("File" menu, "Save") and every now and then, and choose refresh on the browser to see how it's going.

    Japan Guide Things Japanese Guidebook
  • No frames.
  • Flash only allowed in homepages (please keep it to a we don't like it that much...)
  • Make content interesting, informative and relevant to Japan, Okazaki, Yamasa, Japanese, etc.
  • Contact us before you start writing - we may already have written what you are thinking about or someone else may be writing it.
  • Include images. If you can, link a small image in your file to a larger one.
  • If you write plain text, that is fine as long as the content is good.
  • If you send images, make sure that they are of reasonable resolution (72 dpi is standard; max size usually 600x400 pixels).

    If you need an introduction to HTML, read Declan's notes here - this is for the Okazaki Community Center Guidebook to living in Okazaki, but this is fine for any of the other articles - we can manipulate them later if you keep the code simple and clean.

    If in doubt, contact us or drop into the International Office in Aoi Hall. Always check this page for information - we reserve the right to change prices and details. This page will always contain the most up-to-date information regarding our prices and policy. The decision of the Editor is final in all matters.

    Happy writing!

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