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Kim Suerim
Kim Suerim

Student Interview: Kim Suerim (Korea, AIJP/Internship)

Kim-san at Toyota
Kim-san at Toyota

Euan: Eigo? Nihongo? Dochi ni shiyou ka?

Suerim: Eigo ga ii...

E: Jya, onamae no imi ha... Gold water forest. Kim suerim. Amazing name.

S: That's just the meaning of the Kanji. That's not my name.

E: Okay, okay. What course are you in?

S: The AIJP, I've been here 6 months in total.

E: Is this the first time you've been in Japan?

S: No. I've been here travelling several times before, and before I have a student visa I was studying here as you know with a 3 month tanki-taizai visa.

E: You talk faster than I can type. So why did you come back?

S: Omoshiroui ne. Why? Nanka.... I wanted to come back.

E: Yes, but why?

S: Just wanted to.

E: So you've been to Japan before...where have you been?

S: Lots of places... Tokyo, Kyoto, Hokkaido, Sendai...

E: Sounds like you were busy. How long did it take you to fit all that in?

S: Just two trips - one week each time.

Have Bike Will Travel
Have Bike Will Travel

E: So why did you choose Japanese?

S: I want to learn 3 languages before I'm 30, so this is the third one. First was English, next was Chinese, and now Japanese. In fact, I started learning Chinese, but then I got the chance of an Internship here so I changed to Japanese. I still think Chinese is a brilliant language, but I've met so many other people here who can speak lanauges like French, Italian, English, Chinese, and so on, and I think French sounds really good. but I've already spent 3 years studying Chinese so I think I'll probably continue with that after Japanese.

E: What are your plans after learning Japanese?

S: I want to do a Master's in Fashion Merchandising. I did my undergraduate studies in fashion design, but I want to specialise a bit now. But if I don't get a place on a master's course, I will probably get a job.




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