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Today's Contents:

1. The first bits: Student Visa acceptance, Job Listings, Things to do
2. Course information: April 2004 Student Visa Applications
3. Student Interview: Mi-yun Park
4. In the News: "Morning Musume Instead of Top Schools"
5. About The Yamasa Institute for Japanese Studies

1. The first bits.

We are pleased to announce that ALL student visa applications for the October 2003 start were accepted by immigration on August 29th. Yamasa was the only school that had 100% of their applications approved by the immigration bureau in Nagoya. Congratulations to all the applicants and we look forward to welcoming you to Yamasa from the beginning of October.

(a) Things to do:

Culture classes with the Okazaki International Association (OIA): The OIA is holding a series of classes over the next few months designed to introduce various facets of Japanese culture to foreign residents living in Okazaki.
Tea Ceremony: Held on Sunday October 12th from 1:00pm to 4:00pm at Jonantei (the teahouse in Okazaki Park). Cost - 400 Yen.
Flower arrangement: Also to be held at Jonantei on the weekend of December 6th/7th. Price has not yet been decided but should be under 1000 Yen.

There will also be Japanese cooking and karate classes in early 2004. Applications can be made by completing a form located outside the International Office at Yamasa, or by calling the OIA office on (0564) 23-6644.

Summer Tour Schedule: Do you want to see a little bit more than Okazaki? Eager to get away for a day trip or weekend? Then some of the upcoming tours during May and June will be for you. These trips provide a great opportunity for you to visit locations much cheaper of the price that it would cost normally, with an experienced guide and door-to-door service:
September 06-07 - 1 night trip - If you are a nature lover this is as good as it gets. Escape the heat and visit some of the most spectacular mountain scenery anywhere, Japan's northern alps. Hiking over the crest from Shin Hotaka to the magnificent valley of Kamikochi. We stay in the historic town of Takayama before visiting the famous UNESCO World Heritage listed hamlets of Shirakawa-go. Destinations include
September 6th - Hirayu Onsen, Shin Hotaka Ropeway, Hiking from Nishi-Hotakaguchi to Kamikochi, Taisho-ike walk, Takayama old quarter,
September 7th - Takayama Jinya, Hida Kokubunji, Shirakawa-go Ogimachi
(Cost: 19,200 yen including tax. Departure from your accommodation on September 6th at 0700, return on September 7th by 2030. Includes all transport, all admission fees. Dinner/Breakfast. Does not include lunches.)
September 20th - Day trip - Hike through forests along the ancient Nakasendo between two beautifully restored Edo Period post towns, and try your hand at making traditional paper fans and other arts with Washi. Destinations include
Magome, Hiking the Nakasendo, Tsumago, Toson Memorial, Obara Washi
(Cost: 7,900 yen including tax. Departure from your accommodation on September 20th at 0700, return by 2030. Includes all transport, all admission fees. Does not include lunches.)
September 21st - Day trip - to less visited parts of Kyoto, including thousand year old UNESCO World Heritage listed buildings from the Heian Period. Destinations include Uji: Byoudoin, Ujigami-Jinja, Tenryuji, Nijo Castle
(Cost: 6,600 yen including tax. Departure from your accommodation on September 21st at 0700, return by 2030. Includes all transport, all admission fees. Does not include lunch.)
2003 Summer Tour schedule: (for questions/bookings contact International Office)

Job Listings
Title: Researcher

Job description:
1) Research and create / update database on clients and industry.
2) Research and collect market intelligent on human resource related activities, eg. salary survey, benefits survey, etc.
3) Assist Consultants in providing consultation to our clients.
4) Assist in organising conferences and events in Tokyo, and the region.
Requirements: Graduate with any discipline. Knowledge and experience of banking is preferred but not mandatory. Proactive, energetic, service oriented and teamworkers are required. Must possess good communication skills.

Company description:
Our Group have been in business for 7 years in the region, and has 5 offices in Hong Kong, Tokyo, Singapore, Beijing and Shanghai. We provide human resource consultancy and organise events and conferences in the region. Our clients are major Investment Banks and MNCs.

Career developments:
1) Successful researcher will be groomed to be full pledged consultant.
2) As the Group has 5 regional offices, interoffice posting for overseas exposure is abundant.
3) Promotion is based on performance and merits. Staff with good management skills will be tasked to run an operation (an office or few offices)
4) The Group is still growing and looking to expand to international market.

Interested parties can send their resume to kgneo@euro-group.com or fax to 03-3436-2112

Free Japanese Classes! Okazaki International Association holds free Japanese lessons taught by volunteers to non-Japanese living in Okazaki. Every Saturday from 2:30pm to 4:30pm at Tatsumigaoka-kaikan (3rd Floor), a 10 minute walk from Higashi Okazaki Station to Higashi Myodaiji cho. And also every 2nd, 3rd and 4th Thursday and Sunday of the month in Aoi Hall at Yamasa from 10:00am - 12:00am. Call 0564-45-5778 for more details, or email yoshiaki_yamamoto@hotmail.com

Free Origami and Kimono Classes! On the first Friday of the month the Okazaki International Association also holds free paper folding classes in Aoi Hall at Yamasa frmo 3:30pm. On the third Friday of every month they hold a kimono class at 2:00pm in Aoi Hall where you can try on a Yukata.

(b) Other bits:

Admissions Coordinator, International Office
The Yamasa Institute - Aichi Center for Japanese Studies
1-2-1 Hanehigashimachi Okazaki
Aichi Japan 444-0832

Tel: +81 (0) 564 55 8111
Fax: +81 (0) 564 55 8174 (admissions)
Fax: +81 (0) 564 55 8113 (student affairs)
Email: Admissions
Email: newsletter@yamasa.org
URL: http://www.yamasa.org/acjs/
URL: http://www.yamasa.org/acjs/network/

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2. Course Information


If you are coming to Okazaki during the next few months, please visit the housing availability site, which has been upgraded.

Message from Yukiko Iijima (Housing Officer): Please also note that it is extremely important that you rank your accommodation preferences clearly. Upgrades are possible in the event of cancellations - so if your first preference is a single room in the village, select "Village single" as first choice, "Residence U" as your second choice and so on.

Long-term Courses:

Student Visa: Applications for the April 2004 have now begun. Please note that we will take into account a number of factors when considering a student visa application including age, academic background, nationality and so on - automatic acceptance of a student visa application is not guaranteed. If you need more information about dates, please check the deadlines for the student visa listed in each course in the program catalogue. If you wish to apply for the April 2004 start please contact Admissions.

Short-term courses:

Tour destinations: The October 17th Discovery Tour visits a variety of destinations including Okutono Jinya, Toyota Kaikan, Toyota Motor Factory tour, Asuke , Kyoto: Sanjusangendo, Kinkakuji, Ryoanji, Heian Jingu, Nanzenji, Nara: Nara Koen, Kasuga Taisha, Nigatsudo, Todaiji, Isuien Garden & Neiraku Museum, Magome, Hiking the Nakasendo, Tsumago, Toson Memorial, Obara Washi, and many other destinations. See http://www.yamasa.org/acjs/english/programs/discovery_20031017a.html for more information.

Discovery Tours all have vacancies - contact Admissions for further information. Tour dates for this year are available at http://www.yamasa.org/acjs/english/programs/discovery_dates.html

All extension programs have space from July 10th and academic programs have space from July but accommodation is very limited.

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3. Student Interview: Mi-yun Park

Mi-yun Park
Mi-yun Park
Patty: Hi Mi-yun, thanks for agreeing to do the interview.
Mi Yun: Sure, no problem.
P: Well, since I've got lots of questions let's get started.
M: Okay.

P: When was the last time you were in Japan?
M: I came to Japan in mid-July last year for 4 weeks of SILAC.
P: What made you decide to come back?
M: Well, I had a good experience last time and found I learnt a lot.
P: I see. Instead of trying other Yamasa programs, why did you choose SILAC again?
M: The timing is just right for short term studying.

P: So tell me a little bit about your background. You're from Korea...?
M: No, I'm from Geneva, Switzerland. I was born and raised in Korea until I was seven when we moved to Geneva. We went back to Korea when I was 14, but moved back to Geneva two years later and have stayed there ever since.
P: I see. So, what's the difference between Switzerland and Korea?
M: Well, if you want to go to fun places to hang out and travel, Korea is the place because everything is cheap. On the other hand, Switzerland is a nice place to live because it's safe and quiet. Likewise, since it's small, I know the place very well.

P: Where are you living at the moment?
M: I'm doing homestay right now. In fact, it's the..............

Continued at http://www.yamasa.org/acjs/network/english/newsletter/student_int_51.html

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4. In the News:

In this edition we have another article to help you practice, "Morning Musume Instead of Top Schools" ganbatte!

About "In the News": This section aims to help you improve your understanding of articles in contemporary Japanese print and web media. Articles are from a wide range of sources including business, fashion, music, lifestyle, entertainment, crime, politics, international relations and so on. All articles are printable, and are accompanied by streaming audio files of the article being read at normal speed by male and female native speakers. Furthermore there are questions from the OCJS faculty that will help you confirm your reading or listening comprehension skills. (If you are an advanced learner, you may wish to attempt the questions after first listening to the audio link only, and then read the article to test your listening comprehension skills).

In addition, by using the link generator of the OCJS online dictionary with its definitions and kanji animations, you can easily check the meaning of new words, and also the stroke order of any Kanji that are new for you. The titles of the links ARE NOT translations of the headline accompanying the article (we don't want to give beginner level students too many hints to the answers), but are indicative of the subject field.

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The Yamasa Institute is committed to providing high-quality education in the Japanese language. We are a non-profit organization, a part of the Hattori Group. We are accredited by Association for the Promotion of Japanese Language Education - APJLE, accreditation number B302 - and "the only Institute in the Mikawa region with the appropriate programs, systems, curriculum and facilities required for quality Japanese language education" according to the Ministry of Justice. Further, in recognition of the excellent quality of our programs, we are in the top tier of 'Appropriately Authorized Japanese Language Education Institutes' - in fact, the only school in the Mikawa area with this prestigious recommendation. For full details see the accreditation section on the homepage at http://www.yamasa.org/acjs/english/accreditation.html

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