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Issue 8 - Friday, 28th July 2000

My, you are keen. Since several people have asked, how many of you would like to get the newsletter in Japanese? Well, not all of it, just an article each time at first. Please register your name, email address and preference for language on the request form at:


and you too can be sent things in Japanese. Please note that you need to enable your computer to read Japanese - see issue 2. Now, there was forward-thinking.

The number of suggestions was overwhelming, so I have decided to make the article about things Japanese a regular feature. This week...the strange eating habits of the Japanese. Not for the faint-hearted or vegetarian, we will cover the "mori-awase" - a delightful collection that would be found in a zoo or perhaps be called "Fido" or perhaps walked regularly in any other country, but is generally known as dinner in Japan.

Victim of the week: the overworked and underpaid...no, not me, it's Yokozawa-sensei. A native Toyohashian (work on that one, it wasn't the first rendering that came to mind) with a predeliction for toys, Yokozawa is responsible for the Acceleration Program which we are pushing this week. I mean explaining.

This week's Event in Okazaki, the matsuri (omikoshi) that is being held on Friday 4th August. Ever wanted to wear one of those Japanese jackets that make you look like a ninja? Well, here's your chance. Free drinks too if you can run screaming around the streets of Okazaki with a half-ton of wood and papier-mache. (Please read the explanation below before you start.)


1. Application Deadlines
2. Teacher profile: Yokozawa Norikazu
3. Things Japanese: Mori-awase!
4. Omikoshi! The event of the year!

Thank you to all those of you who haven't unsubscribed (I like to think it isn't just indifference), and keep the feedback coming.

Yours sincerely,

Admissions Coordinator
The Yamasa Institute Aichi Center for Japanese Studies
Okazaki Aichi Japan 444-0832

Tel:+81 (0) 564 55 8111
Fax:+81 (0) 564 55 8113



- Student Visa Update: All visa applications that were accepted by the school have been taken to the immigration office. We now just wait until the start of September for notification from them. If you want to be sure of getting your student visa from April 2001, get in touch soon. The deadline is December 20th for applications - you have a little time.


- August 3rd program: Finalised.
- August 17th program: vacancies (Hotel, Student Village, Villa).

Acceleration D (August 11th): Finalised.
Acceleration E (October 5th): Vacancies.

AIJP/AJSP: Autumn course starts October 5th - All accommodations have vacancies but book now as we have a lot of people coming. If you want a particular room, then you will need to book early.




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