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Education Background

Meet some of our students...
Angela, MIT., Jorg, Karlsruhe Univ.

The student body at Yamasa provides an language learning environment with a qualitative difference.

Of the accredited Japanese programs available in this country, very few have a student body with an educational background similar to that of Yamasa.

Meet some of our students...
Summer program university students
It is the deliberate policy of Admissions to ensure that the Institute continues to attract highly talented students of the Japanese language - and without in any way excluding graduates who are no longer enrolled in university studies or young students who have not yet commenced their undergraduate training - but who can clearly demonstrate that they are capable of performing well at Yamasa.

75.7% of Yamasa's students are completing or have already completed undergraduate or graduate studies. Many are aiming for second or higher degrees or towards careers requiring high levels of Japanese proficiency. A significant proportion of these students have already completed graduate degrees. By comparison the vast majority of international students entering Japan each year have only completed their high school education.

Meet some of our students...
Alex, Cornell Univ.
At Yamasa there is a strong science and technology bias which makes the student body a little atypical amongst language learning communities. In strong contrast to Yamasa, more than 60% of all of the international students in Japan studying at other schools come from mainland China alone. For these students and for most students in APJLE accredited schools or university "bekkas", their language studies are primarily used as preparation for undergraduate studies in Japan.

Meet some of our students...
Chris, Durham Univ., Tiziana, Monash
Many of the students are currently enrolled in degree or graduate programs at their 'home' university and take the opportunity to spend a year, a semester, quarter or a summer at Yamasa. However for a steadily increasing number of professionals and mature age students, a Yamasa program also offers a great sabbatical - the opportunity to do a serious program that for many reasons may not have been possible for them earlier. For many students a Yamasa program is a suitable stepping stone to career enhancement or a career change. Quite a few of Yamasa's students go on to work in Japan or Japan related careers.

Meet some of our students...
Jana, DAAD, Glenn, NYU
As a result, if you had enrolled in Yamasa during the 1999-2000 academic year your classmates would include graduates and currently enrolled students of universities including:

(Aust.) Monash University, RMIT, Univ. of Sydney, Univ. of Melbourne, (Canada) UBC, Univ. of Waterloo, Univ. of Victoria, (China) Northeastern University, (Denmark) Univ. of Copenhagen, Copenhagen Business School, (Germany) Munich U, Rostock U, Erlangen U, (HK) Chinese Univ. of H.K., City Univ. of H.K., (Hungary) Kossuth Lajos Univ., (India) Pune Univ., (Italy) Milano Univ.,
Meet some of our students...
Andrew, IUJ., Kasidis, UNHCR
(Korea) Yonsei Univ., (Russia) Moscow State Univ., (Singapore) N.U.S., (Spain) Universidad Publica Navarra, CEPADE - Universidad Politechnica de Madrid, (Sweden) Lund Univ., Linkoping Univ., (Switzerland) Univ. of St. Gallen, (UK) Cambridge Univ., Durham Univ., Oxford Univ., Warwick Univ., (USA) UC - Berkeley, UCLA, Univ. of Texas - Austin, Univ. of Michigan - Ann Arbor, MIT, Stanford Univ., NYU, Columbia, Harvard, Univ. of Washington, Hawaii Univ., amongst many others,

Although they usually form a small minority, many of the students who have come to Yamasa after completion of only high school studies have subsequently proved to be highly talented students of the language and have been extremely successful. In some cases, youth is an advantage in language acquisition.

Meet some of our students...
Not all students have degrees...
It is in fairness to these students that the Minimum Entry Requirements for most Yamasa courses does not exclude applicants without a tertiary background. In all cases however, applicants are only accepted if they can indicate an aptitude to succeed in an academically challenging environment. Most of these students are either aiming for university places in Japan or are taking a year out (gap year students) for language study before commencing university in their home country.

For more details regarding Yamasa's students, please click on each of the link buttons on the left hand side of this page.

Questions regarding this file...

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