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Residence U - Studio Apartments

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Residence U
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floorplan Detailed Floor Plan
Clickable Local Area Map

Click here to view key features of the area around Residence U

These 20 studio apartments are about 13-17 minutes walk, (by bicycle only about 7 minutes) from the campus. The apartments can be rented by any student regardless of the duration of their stay. Each apartment is what is known in Japan as a 'one room mansion'. They can also be shared by 2 students to reduce the costs of housing even further.

Location: As well as being close to the campus, the apartments are also close to parks, shops, restaurants, supermarkets and bus-stops. There is a 24-hour convenience store with a public telephone about 80 meters away. If you are looking for convenience for getting out of town to see the sights of central Japan, these apartments are a 10 minute bicycle ride from JR Okazaki Railway Station which is on the JR Tokaido Line (the main trunk route linking Osaka - Kyoto - Nagoya - Shizuoka - Tokyo) and gives you excellent access to Nagoya, Kanayama, Mikawa-Anjo, the marina/onsen resort of Gamagori on Mikawa Bay and Toyohashi.

Clickable Location Map: Click here for location map (45326 bytes). Click the black arrows on the left of the map for route to Yamasa's campus or to navigate around the local area. Click on shops, and other features on the map for more detail.

Description: The apartments are western style with no tatami matting. The floors are of polished wood. The space of each is 24.6 square meters (approximately 266 square feet). Each has its own bathroom with western style toilet and a deep unit shower/bath. They have air-conditioning/heating, a large wardrobe, and a unit kitchen. The kitchen has a reasonably large amount of room for food preparation. Yamasa provides a refrigerator, electric hotplate and electric rice cooker. There is no gas cooking. Please note that utensils are not provided, but can be purchased cheaply at a nearby store. In the main room Yamasa provides a TV, bed, desk, chair, study lamp and bookshelves.
View video of an apartment.

Click here for dimensions and floor plan

Laundry facilities: Because there is no coin laundry available on-site, and because local coin laundries are considered too expensive, Yamasa has installed a washing machine in every apartment for student use. At this stage we are unable to also provide a dryer, though all of the apartments have a There is a covered balcony at the rear of the apartment. Bicycles are usually parked in front of the apartment entrance (if a ground floor apartment) or at the side stairs (if you are living on the second storey) Free car parking is available.

Telephone and Internet: Any student living here has internet access (via a fiber-optic LAN). There is no telephone provided inside the apartment, students will need to obtain a lease or rent a line or use computer-to-phone software using the internet connection. Yamasa will assist you if you need a telephone line installed in your apartment. Most students prefer to use the cheaper option of handheld cellular phones. For making calls overseas, the Yamasa II building, Yamasa Villa, or internet phones are the best local options.

Futons: Futons are not provided, so for bedding please browse through the futons file.

PHOTO GALLERY (Click on photos to enlarge)

Residence U
Residence U
Rice Cooker

Advantages reported by students: Close to route 248. More independence and privacy - your own bathroom. Convenient to have own kitchen and no need to wait. Quiet at night. Good study environment. Fast internet access (fiber-optic LAN). There is a door between the kitchen and the main room - this makes it easier to keep the main room warn during the winter. Insulation is better than Yamasa Villa. There is a large amount of personal space per student.

Disadvantages reported by students: Lack of telephone inside room is a problem for short term students as renting cellular phones is relatively expensive compared to the telephone access in the student village. No wheelchair access. No microwave oven on site. No Gas cooking.

Student Interviews - Residence U Residents:

Fay Yuan Chen Fay Yuan Chen
Oded Shimoni Oded Shimoni
Tomás O Canainn Tomás Ó Canainn
Iqbal Thaheem Iqbal Thaheem
Gisele Hirata Gisele Hirata

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