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Private and Semi-Private Lessons

Do you need specific vocabulary or individual tutoring? The Private/Semi-Private programs can be started at any time and the schedule and curriculum is designed by faculty with you to provide a fully customized program. Text and study resources are also decided in consultation with you.

Semi-Private lessons are for 2-4 students. All lessons are 50 minutes duration. The minimum purchase number of classes is 6.

Direct Method:
All classes are delivered in Japanese using the direct method. The objective being to ensure that you learn to speak grammatically correct Japanese, with correct pronunication, and improve your listening skills.

The schedule is totally flexible. You may study from as little as 1 class a week, to as many as your prefer. Classes may be scheduled for Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays, with a small surcharge per lesson for the last two.

Class Hours:
In order to coordinate our teaching resources, we request that classes be scheduled in accordance with Yamasa's daily timetable. Morning classes usually start on the hour (9:00, 10:00 and 11:00 AM), afternoon classes at 40 minutes past the hour (12:40, 13:40, 14:40 etc). Evening classes can be scheduled more flexibly.

Program Dates:
You can begin private lessons on any day, except on Public Holidays and Institute holidays. Please contact us in advance.

Arrival Information:
If you are arriving at Centrair/Nagoya Airport, an airport pickup service can be provided if you are arriving on one of the days listed in the arrivals schedule.

Fees and Costs:
The registration fee is 5,000 Yen - and this fee is waived if....

  • you are a Yamasa student OR
  • you have previously studied at Yamasa, OR
  • you have already paid for a standard level OCJS password or higher membership level.

    A surcharge of 500 yen per class will apply to classes provided on Sundays or Public Holidays. Please note that if you want to study on Sundays or Public Holidays you will need to complete payment at least 56 days in advance - teachers have families and need to know when travel arrangements etc can be made.

      Private Lessons
      1-50 Lessons 5000 yen per lesson
      51-100 Lessons 4500 yen per lesson
      101+ Lessons 4200 yen per lesson

      Semi-Private Lessons
      1-50 Lessons 3000 yen per lesson
      51-100 Lessons 2800 yen per lesson
      101+ Lessons 2500 yen per lesson


  • Cancellation Fees: If you need to cancel a class, then you need to contact Yamasa's Student Services office (0564-55-8111) during business hours (9am-5pm) no later than 24 hours prior to the class time to avoid a cancellation fee. If you can cancel less than 24 hours before the lesson then the cancellation fee is equal to the lesson fee.

    In the case of two people taking semi-private lessons where only one person cancels, the remaining person who is taking the class would have to pay the private lesson rate.

    Entry Requirements:
    As the program does not involve group based activities, a number of age and education background requirements have been waived.

    As an absolute minimum:

    1) Applicants must have a minimum of 8 years of full-time education in their native country.
    2) Students need to be 16 years or older, or accompanied by a parent or guardian. For details please contact the Director of the International Office, Mr Declan Murphy.

    Finally, it is not a pre-requisite but it is helpful if you have some experience of studying Japanese or a foreign language before.

    Citizens of certain countries will need to find guarantors. Please check the Visa Requirements section to see if this applies to you.

    Student Housing:
    If you need accommodation from Yamasa's Housing office then you need to study at least 10 lessons (Private or Semi-private in any combination) per week.

    Visa Information

    Tourist/Short Stay (tanki-taizai) Visa

    For many nationalities, a 90 day landing permit will be granted automatically upon arrival in Japan. This is called an exemption agreement. For other nationalities, you may need to apply for the visa. Please see the visa requirements section for details. Please note that for most nationalities the maximum period of stay for a short-stay (tourist) visa is 90 days/3 months.

    Other Visas

    If you have a ryugakusei visa and would like to study at Yamasa during your summer holiday it is no problem, but if you have a student visa issued via Yamasa then unless you are simultaneously enrolled in and attending classes in one of the Academic programs then you would not be able to study in this program.

    Other visa possibilities include the working holiday visa, students with Japanese ancestry, cultural activities visa, work visa, family visa etc. If you have a student visa or any visa other than the standard Tourist/Short Stay (tanki-taizai) Visa, please contact Declan Murphy as soon as possible.

    Citizens of certain countries will need to find guarantors. The visa requirements section has further detail and appropriate links to the relevant Ministry of Foreign Affairs sites.

    Application and Enrolment Process
    Once you have read everything on this page, especially the sections regarding deadlines, have checked your status re visas and guarantors, and have chosen your preferred accommodation options, schedule and so on, you are ready to apply. Applications can be completed online.

    1. Select the dates/schedule that suits your needs best. Check application deadlines/program availability.
    2. Select the student housing options that suit your needs best.
    3. Re-Check visa requirements and read the information regarding guarantors.
    4. Complete Online Application Form for Private/Semi-Private.
    5. Send your photographs as required. (Passport photos only unless you are doing a homestay)
    6. Check by email that your application has been accepted. (Usually Yamasa will contact you first).
    7. Confirm your position in the program via tuition fee transfer. (If homestay - you need to pay tuition in full)
    8. Ensure that you have completed the tuition fee transfer before the deadline. If not, contact Admissions
    9. Yamasa will send you your Letter of Acceptance and additional documents.
    10. If you need to apply for a visa, contact your nearest Japanese diplomatic office.
    11. Purchase a return ticket to Japan and inform Yamasa of the arrival details. (Pickup service is for Nagoya Airport only)

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