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Minimum Entry Requirements

All of Yamasa's programs are academically oriented and students need to have a high level of motivation to learn Japanese as well as the necessary academic aptitude. Please note that if your only objective in Japan is to see the country then this is not the right school for you. As a serious language school you will be expected by both faculty and your peers to be conscientious in your studies. Yamasa is a school where study is required and progress is expected.

The minimum entry requirements differ slightly for each program, but the following base guidelines generally apply to all programs. Please read the program information (blue buttons on left side of page below Admissions) for program specific details. Please also note that these are the Minimum requirements, the selection process takes these and other factors into consideration.

1) Academic Background: While most students have completed undergraduate and or postgraduate studies, a tertiary background is not set as a minimum entry requirement. The reason for this is that a small but not insignificant number of our students use the programs to gain entrance to Japanese universities or specialized training schools (for example design or animation). As the programs they enter include undergraduate studies, it does not make sense to include an undergraduate degree as an entry requirement.

2) Language Background: With the exception of certain programs such as the Advanced Japanese Studies Program, or Internship Program, prior knowledge of Japanese is not required. However it is usually helpful if you have some experience of studying Japanese or a foreign language before.

3) Aptitude: Applicants need to be able to prove that they have academic abilities equal to or higher than that of the average Japanese high school graduate. Proof of matriculation or college background is usually sufficient.

4) Documentation where required: All students must supply accurate information in the educational background section of the admissions application form and be prepared to submit supporting documentation if requested by Yamasa's Admissions Office. If the program you are applying for requires that you obtain a student visa, then you must be able to prove that you have completed a minimum of 12 years of full-time education or have a diploma recognized to be the equivalent to a Japanese senior high school diploma and complete the student visa application kit as required.

5) Minimum Age Requirement: If the program you are applying for requires that you obtain a student visa, then you must be over the age of 18. As a general rule all students need to be 18 years and over regardless of visa, although please note that some exceptions can be made - but only by directly requesting a waiver from the Admissions Office. These exceptions can usually only be made for younger students if they have reasonable levels of Japanese proficiency. There is no upper age limit. Please note that the average age and academic background of Yamasa's students is significantly higher than that of any other Japanese language school. A high level of maturity and self-motivation is expected.

5) Guarantors: Citizens of certain countries will need to find guarantors. Please check the Visa Requirements section to see if this applies to you as no exceptions are made.

Questions regarding this file...

If any of the information in this file is unclear, or if you need more detailed information, please click here and read the study/applications section of the FAQ before contacting us. Best regards, Declan Murphy.

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