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Payment Methods

There are a number of ways by which fees can be paid. Receipts are issued for all payments made. These receipts are issued in Japanese. If you require a receipt in English or another language for taxation or scholarship purposes please contact the Admissions Office after you arrive in Okazaki.

Currently available payment methods are listed below.

Bank Transfer (International or Domestic), Credit Cards, Traveller's Checks/Cheques
IMO/Bank Checks/Cheques, Cash (Domestic only), Post Office (Domestic only)

All payments are to be in Japanese Yen. If your bank is unable to transfer in Japanese yen, don't panic, just click here.

Bank Transfer

In Japan, bank transfers are the easiest and fastest way to pay your fees. NOTE: ALWAYS WRITE YOUR FAMILY NAME AND PASSPORT NUMBER IN THE "SENDER" SECTION WHEN TRANSFERRING FEES. (A number of students have forgotten to write their name in the sender section - leaving Yamasa with no initial way of tracing the funds)

Click here to see Bank Account information in Japanese (PDF format)

Bank Name:

Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation

Bank Branch:

Okazaki Branch

Branch Number:


Bank Street Address:

2-9-1, Koseidorinishi, Okazaki, Aichi 444-0059, Japan

Account Name:

The Yamasa Institute

Account Number:


Account Holder (Yamasa) Mailing address:

1-2-1 Hanehigashi-machi, Okazaki-shi, Aichi 444-0832, Japan

Bank IBAN:

Please read the notes below

BIC / SWIFT Address:


IBAN Numbers - A number of students have contacted us requesting an IBAN (International Bank Account Number) for the bank, usually telling us that their bank has told them that they require this information to transfer funds to Japan. Any bank clerk who tells you this is incorrect. For transfers to Japan, what is needed is the ABA Number/Sort Code and the SWIFT address. The IBAN is a standard from the European Committee for Bank Standardisation, introduced to simplify intra-European bank transfers, and thus reduce the transaction costs incurred by individuals and small businesses confused by differing national standards for account numbers within the EU. 33 countries use it, Japan isn't one of them, nor has it been adopted much anywhere outside the European Union. Print this file and take it with you to the bank. If the clerk has difficulties routing the transfer, then the Bank Identifier Codes (SWIFT) needed are those from ISO9362. If at some stage in the future Japan adopts the European standard, we will immediately update this file.

Transfer Confirmations - Due to the way international transfers are handled by the banks (including intermediary banks), it will generally take at least a week before Yamasa receives confirmation of your transfer. Please do not telephone or email about the status of international wire transfers until at least 5 working days after you make the transfer, because the answer will almost invariably be "Not Yet Received". Yamasa will send confirmation by email when your transfer has been received and processed.

Credit Cards

At Yamasa it is possible to pay fees using Visa card and Mastercard. Due to a number of restrictions, it is not possible to use your credit card to pay for the tuition or accommodation until AFTER you arrive in Okazaki. (The only exception at the moment is the student visa application fee).

Visa card is the most widely accepted card in Japan - although this doesn't mean that ATM machines will accept visa cards issued outside Japan. For cashing services you usually need to go to a bank and withdraw cash over the counter - the local branch of the Okazaki Shinkin Bank (approximately 200 meters from campus) is able to provide this service, or visit the post office - almost all post office ATMs accept foreign issued credit and debit cards. The Cirrus/Plus network is the most widely accepted.

Note from Admissions
A number of students have been asking why we are not using online secure server based payment methods yet. Unfortunately, Japan's highly regulated financial system has resulted in extremely high credit card fee charges - much higher than in most OECD countries. This means that we are currently unable to provide online/fax based payment methods without raising our tuition fees. As even a 3% increase would financially disadvantage some of our students, we have decided to wait until there is greater competition and a higher level of service available from Japan's financial sector. We apologize for the relative inconvenience and request your understanding. At the moment the secure server is only available for payment of the student visa application fee. The link to the secure server URL is provided in the confirmation page you receive from the database after applying for a course.

Traveller's Checks

Traveller's checks may be used at Yamasa for fee payments - but only if they are denominated in Japanese yen - and depending in some cases on the issuer. If you need to use foreign currency based checks/cheques, please cash them at the local branch of the Okazaki Shinkin Bank (please take your passport with you) and then go to the Student Services Office in the Yamasa II building.

IMO/Bank Checks

International Money Orders and Bank Checks may be used to pay for fees. Please ask the bank to denominate the IMO/Check in Japanese yen. We can process in other currencies - though with this method there is certain to be a currency fluctuation between the time you send the IMO/check and the time it arrives. Also please note that IMO's and bank checks take several weeks to clear. If you need to apply for a visa in order to study at Yamasa, then you should not use an IMO or bank check unless you are applying at least 2 months in advance.

If you are paying via this method, please have the IMO/check made out to

The Yamasa Institute

and send it by registered post or courier to

Admissions Office
The Yamasa Institute
1-2-1 Hanehigashi-machi
Okazaki-shi, Aichi-ken
JAPAN 444-0832

Please include a note stating your:

Family Name
First Name
Passport Number
Name of the Program you are enrolling in
Commencement Date

Cash (Domestic only)

Japan is a cash based society, and many students at Yamasa pay for their fees in cash. However please DO NOT send cash by mail/courier. This method is only to be used for on-campus face to face payment.

Post Office (Domestic only)

a) "Genkin kakitome"

If you are living in Japan then it is possible to pay for your initial tuition fees via the post office transfer system called "genkin kakitome". This is a very secure method of payment, and is particularly useful if you are applying for admission from a remote area of Japan. The maximum limit for transfer is usually JPY500,000 yen.

Please have the post office staff transfer the funds to

The Yamasa Institute
1-2-1 Hanehigashi-machi
Okazaki-shi, Aichi-ken
JAPAN 444-0832

Please include a note stating your:

Family Name
First Name
Passport Number
Name of the Program you are enrolling in
Commencement Date

b) "Yubin furikae"

Some applicants in remote rural areas of Japan have requested that we enable "yubin furikae" payments (payment from a post office account using a post office ATM), as they are unable to reach a post office during normal business hours in order to use the "genkin kakitome" system. We are currently investigating this.

Questions regarding this file...

If any of the information in this file is unclear, or if you need more detailed information, please click here and read the study/applications section of the FAQ before contacting us.

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