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Extension Programs

Yamasa's extension programs are offered all year round. We are the only accredited institute in Japan offering the wide range of programs listed below - and do so with small classes, an intensive curriculum, and professional faculty. As a non-profit organization, we provide all of our programs as affordably as possible.

All Yamasa programs, including all extension programs, are serious programs for academically oriented students. For the purpose of this catalog, we define Extension courses as being programs where the primary pedagogical emphasis is on teaching the oral communicative skills of listening, speaking and expression. ie we provide a concentration on conversation skills using modern Japanese. Students who enroll in Extension programs but who wish to also study wish to reading, writing or classical Japanese can still do so - however only via elective classes or after hours.

If you are enrolling in Yamasa for 3 months or less, please note that you can usually enroll in either an Extension or Academic program.

Our full-time on-campus extension programs are:
1) SILAC - Short Intensive Language Acquisition Courses
2) JLCP - Japanese Language and Culture Program

Our 2 on-demand/on-campus extension programs are:
3) Private/Semi-Private Lessons
4) Corporate/Group**

Our on-demand/off-campus extension programs are:
4) Corporate/Group**
5) Online Center for Japanese Studies

(**Corporate programs - whether taught to NGO's, universities or companies, can be delivered on or off-campus)

We are also able to offer a number of part-time courses at our satellite campus in Toyota City.

Questions regarding this file...

If any of the information in this file is unclear, or if you need more detailed information, please click here and read the study/applications section of the FAQ before contacting us.

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