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How to get to Okazaki

By Air

None of the 3 major international airports are too far away. Click here to see a map showing the location of the three airports relative to Okazaki. We provide an AIRPORT PICKUP SERVICE if you arrive at NAGOYA AIRPORT. (Please accept our apologies for not being able to meet you at the more distant airports) Please click here and read the airport pickup details.

By Train

Okazaki has excellent rail connections and the campus is just a short walk from the main JR station. We can also meet you at JR (Japan Railways) Okazaki station if you register your arrival details. This station is a key stop on the Tokaido line (the main line between Tokyo and Osaka) and all the express trains running between Shizuoka and Gifu Prefectures stop here. It is also where the Aichi Kanjo line connects with the Tokaido line. Click here for travel times and fares to/from Okazaki.

By Road

A key transport hub, Okazaki has excellent roads and the main expressway between Tokyo and Osaka passes through - with the key interchange only a 10 minute drive from Yamasa's campus. If you are driving to Okazaki please click here and print the map. If you are arriving by road please don't forget to register your arrival details. We have ample parking available.

Please Click here for some Useful Maps and Guides

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