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Local train connections.

Local train route

The JR Tokaido Line (the main trunk route linking Osaka - Kyoto - Nagoya - Shizuoka - Tokyo runs straight through Okazaki City. This means that you have excellent access to Nagoya, Kanayama, Mikawa-Anjo, the coastal resort of Gamagori and Toyohashi.

(a) WEST - Okazaki/Nagoya: It is actually faster to get to central Nagoya from Okazaki Station than it is from many parts of Nagoya city itself. The Limited Expresses run every 15 minutes and cost JPY600 one way for the 28 minute journey. You don't need to book a seat - its just an ordinary train. The Limited Expresses also stop at Kanayama where you can connect directly to the Nagoya Subway, the JR Chuo Line (for Matsumoto and Nagano) or the Meitetsu Tokaido Line. Three stations from JR Okazaki is the nearest Shinkansen station at Mikawa-Anjo. It is just 10 minutes / 3 stops by the local all-stops train. It is useful if you are heading west to places such as Gifu, Hikone (Lake Biwa) as the Hikari Shinkansen does not stop at those locations (it sometimes doesn't stop at Kyoto either).

(b) EAST - Okazaki/Toyohashi: Toyohashi is only 20 minutes away by Limited Express. It takes 15 minutes to get to the resort town of Gamagori (320 yen) with its onsen, marina and various attractions while the journey to Toyohashi itself is only 20 minutes. At Toyohashi you can connect to the Shinkansen and the JR Iida Line - which runs north through Toyokawa through Nagashino and then into the Minami Alps through gorges such as Tenryu Gorge to Nagano and spectacular mountain scenery.

(c) IntraCity - Travelling within Okazaki: There are 3 main lines serving Okazaki City. There are many stations in Okazaki, the map above shows only the most important three - JR Okazaki, Higashi Okazaki and Naka-Okazaki. The area shaded blue shows Okazaki City's area and is reasonably approximate to scale. Closest to Yamasa's campus is the JR Okazaki station, which is a little busier than Mikawa-Anjo as it is an express stop (Mikawa-Anjo is local trains only) and also the terminus for the Aikan Line leading to the northern parts of Okazaki and to Toyota and Seto. You can take the Aikan line to Naka Okazaki station when visiting places such as Hatcho Miso or Okazaki Castle. The Higashi Okazaki station area (Meitetsu line) is also a busy area with shops, restaurants and pubs, plus it is close to the City Hall. Okazaki's bus network is also quite extensive.

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