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Arrivals Hall

If you have paid for an airport pickup service, then when you enter the Arrivals Hall, you will find us waiting at or near the gate, or if we are picking people up from both the international and domestic gates simultaneously, in front of the "Steiner Cafe". This cafe is about 50 meters from where you enter the hall. If you have arrived from an international flight, it will be to your left. If you have arrived via a domestic flight, it will be to your right. Normally our staff carry a simple red & white sign that simply says "Yamasa".

Airport Meeting Place
Airport Meeting Place
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If you arrive at the airport and no one is waiting for you, DO NOT PANIC! We haven't forgotten you. Traffic on the expressway and the bridge leading to the artificial island that the airport is located on can sometimes be very congested, and sometime it can take longer than expected to find a parking spot for the vehicle). If your flight arrives early, or if our staff member is late, please wait in front of the cafe. If you are thirsty or tired, please feel free to buy yourself a tea/coffee and take a seat (if possible sit close to the front of the cafe - it makes it easier to spot you). We will find you.

If you need to make a telephone call etc, please note that there are telephones, internet access, ATM machines for making cash withdrawals etc all within 50 meters of this cafe.

If you have been waiting for a while and still can't see anyone holding a Yamasa sign, please call 0564-55-8111.

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