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May Banners

Explanations are below the banners...

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Each of the May banners were contributed by Roger Fung, a student in the AIJP from Hong Kong.

Constitution Day
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Childrens Day
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Mother's Day
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Constitution Day
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Childrens Day
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Mother's Day
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Constitution Memorial Day

Constitution Memorial Day
The Constitution of Japan came into force on the 3rd of May, 1947. Ever since, this day is celebrated as a national holiday.

The present Constitution, unlike the Meiji Constitution, declares that the sovereignty lies with the ordinary people. The Emperor is 'the symbol of the state and the unity of people' and has 'no powers related to the Government'.

On this day, the anniversary of the Constitution is celebrated with ceremonies across the country. The Diet building itself, usually off-limits to ordinary people, is also opened to visitors for one day.

(Source - http://jin.jcic.or.jp/kidsweb/calendar/may/constitution.html)

"Children's Day"

Children's Day
Ever since 1948, the 5th of May is also known as Children's Day. Families celebrate the healthy growth and happiness of their children. The 5th day of the 5th month was traditionally called 'Tango no Sekku' and it was a festival for boys.

On this day, families with sons fly enormous carp-shaped streamers (koinobori) outside their houses and display dolls of famous warriors and heroes indoors. Carp was chosen because of it symbolising strength and success. Families also take baths sprinkled with iris leaves and roots. This is believed to promote good health and ward off evil. 'Kashiwa-mochi', rice cakes filled with red-bean paste wrapped in oak leaves, are also eaten.

(Source - http://jin.jcic.or.jp/kidsweb/calendar/may/children.html)

"Mothers' Day"

Mothers' Day
The 2nd Sunday in May is Mothers' Day. Like the United States, where this day originated from, people give carnations to express gratitude to their mothers for their love and care. Children also show their appreciation by buying gifts and helping out with household chores.

In Japan, Mothers' Day was first observed by Christians during the 1910s. About 20 years later, large gatherings were held to celebrate this day. However the practice was halted during World War II due to the prohibition of Western customs. It was revived after the war partly as a means of consoling women and children who lost their husbands and fathers. By 1949, this practice has spread to all parts of the coutry.

(Source - http://jin.jcic.or.jp/kidsweb/calendar/may/mom.html)

School picnics and excursions

School picnics and excursions
Being part of a school's official activities, school picnics and excursions are generally taken twice a year, in Spring and Autumn. These excursions can be some of the most memorable events of the school year.

One-day field trips are taken by classes in kindergarten, primary and middle school whilst longer excursions (spanning over one or more nights) are taken by students in middle school and high school in the year before graduation.

(Source - http://jin.jcic.or.jp/kidsweb/calendar/may/picnics.html)

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