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The Yamasa Institute is dedicated to excellence in teaching and scholarship. As one of the very few truly international Japanese language program providers, we have a special emphasis on cross-cultural learning and an informed respect for diversity. However the key reason why the center has become a pacesetter in Japanese language education is not the campus facilities, affordable tuition fees or student housing, but the central role played by one of the more highly qualified, gifted, experienced and professional teaching faculties in Japan.

Virtually all of the Institute's teaching faculty and ALL of the administrative staff have spent a considerable amount of time studying and working outside their home countries. The first priority of Yamasa faculty is team teaching. Beyond the classroom, the faculty members are always available to advise and assist students. It is these same faculty members who provide the unequaled one-on-one academic counselling that underpins the success of Yamasa's student body. The multilingual administrative staff also have extensive international experience and work closely with faculty. Their assistance always extends way beyond regular office hours and they always have the student's needs as their first and foremost priority. Distinguishing features of Yamasa's administrative staff include the fast response speed and the extra effort made to assist student's 'acclimatization' to Japan.

The collaborative work enhances your language skills and rapid rate of progress. It also assures you of an excellent chance of success in your chosen profession, admission to Japanese universities or graduate schools, or obtaining credits for transfer to your home university. Our goal is to solely to assist you. I am immensely proud of the skills and professionalism available here and will continue to work hard in assisting the faculty and administrative staff help you.

Yoshio Hattori, President

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