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Campus/Facilities Guide

Yamasa II Building
Yamasa II building

The Aichi Center for Japanese Studies is a specialist center for Japanese language education and research. Japanese as a second language (JSL) is all we teach, and the entire campus is designed to support this core focus. The campus is considerably larger than most of the other accredited institutes in Japan (especially those in Tokyo) and the facilities in each building are more modern than most Japanese universities.

SILAC class in Aoi Hall
Compared to virtually all Japanese academic institutions, the unusual feature about Yamasa's campus is the very large amount of space available per student - not only in the classrooms but for all ancillary services. We are a bit profligate with space, to the extent of offering free parking for students with cars etc. This is one of the advantages of being based in Okazaki City.

Yamasa is also already one of the best campuses in Japan for internet connectivity and modern IT infrastructure. Our network can connect you to the internet from anywhere on campus and computers are provided.

Sakura House
Sakura House
A building program is in progress and as a non-profit Institute with full support from the endowment of the Hattori Foundation (est.1919), Yamasa is well placed for continued expansion as grants and funds are constantly re-invested into continuous improvement.

To view full details of the campus facilities please click on the link buttons on the left hand side of this page or click on the buildings on the map below showing the general layout of the Yamasa Institute's Okazaki campus.

At the bottom of each page there are also links to indexes - these should also help you navigate around the campus guide.

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