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Distance Learning Theater

DL Theater
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The distance learning theater on the ground floor is Yamasa's largest classroom. As suggested by the name, this theater was primarily designed for internet based instruction, production and webcasting, but it is in fact also a very versatile resource for face-to-face teaching and community activities.

The maximum capacity of the theater is only 60 students, and the seating structure is tiered (4 rows only) so that all students have a clear and unobstructed view of both the instructor and the big screen. In many lessons, microphones are not even required as students are never more than 8 meters from the instructor. (The elevation of the 4th row at the rear is approximately 80 centimeters). Low gradient ramps have been built into the design to provide barrier free access to students with wheelchairs.

DL Theater
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All of the desks also have access holes for LAN and power outlets for laptop computers. Every students' desk is wide enough to hold both computers/electronic aids and have sufficient space for notepads, books and other resources. As with all of the Institute's classrooms, we do not use the folding writing palettes attached to an armchair that are so widely used around the world - simply because they do not provide an optimal learning environment for students.

Power access is 100 volts (standard voltage for Japan) and the jacks connect directly to Yamasa's 100 Mbit Local Area Network for internet access. Yamasa's technicians can operate under the floor of the theater - the clearance is such that it is possible to re-wire and upgrade without disrupting the teaching schedules.

DL Theater
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A wide range of teaching technologies can be used. Video projection is mostly from ceiling units. At the rear of the theater there is even a film projection booth - in addition to lectures and conferences, the theater can also be used as a movie cinema.

There are two observation windows inside the theater at the front. Behind the glass barrier on the right hand side there is an observation room that can be used as a simultaneous translation booth (useful for conferences/workshops) and as a training room. One of the key advantages of custom designing our DL theater was that it now provides an excellent teacher training facility. From the observation room, it is possible to see both the instructor and the students faces, note reactions and observe group activity. At the same time, the trainer is able to explain and answer questions from faculty members being retrained in the use of the facility - without being heard by the students or instructor inside the theater itself. This means that there is no disruption to the lessons, and all new faculty members can observe experienced instructors using the DL facilities as often as necessary without disruption.

DL Theater DL Theater

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