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Admissions Office

As you have probably realized from reading the homepage so far, Yamasa is a little unusual. Yamasa Admissions - (part of the International Office) is also a little bit different to that of most Japanese universities and institutes. All of the foreign staff members are graduates of Yamasa and are Japanese speakers. Our Japanese staff members are also unique, all of whom are able to speak foreign languages and have experienced extensive overseas study. This is deliberate, instead of recruiting teachers or managers, we have recruited staff whose experience of a classroom is that of a student's perspective. It makes for an unusual workplace - but there are probably very few academic admissions offices as student oriented, responsive or unbureaucratic as ours. Combining with a separate and highly professional teaching faculty, the office ensures a smooth experience of studying in Japan.

Admissions is from where all of the information regarding Yamasa programs is prepared and distributed. It is where your questions are answered and your applications are processed. As Yamasa graduates we know Yamasa better than anyone. We also know that for every 100 successful applicants, there will be 100 very different experiences. Everyone is different - in needs, ambitions, motivation, preferences etc. We try to provide a personal touch that we hope will help you succeed. At Yamasa you aren't a student but a member of a learning community - which to our office means you are a V.I.P.

Which means please feel free to ask absolutely any question that you may have - we are here to help.

The office maintains the homepages and coordinates with the Student Services and Housing Office to ensure that you know as much as possible about the program you are enrolling in, the status of your application and accommodation, and what to expect before you depart for Japan. We also remain a key consultation service during your studies, providing support, assisting you with any problems you may encounter, and incorporating your feedback. If you ever have a problem, complaint or suggestion, our Office is the place to visit.

Another unusual feature is that we try to provide information (both on this homepage and via email) in your native language. This isn't always easy - but it is the best way to avoid mistakes that could affect your Japanese studies (not receiving your student visa for example). The homepage itself is designed to be as informative as possible. If there is something you need to know that you can't locate on the homepage please let us know - the entire page is produced and maintained in-house, maintenance is an on-going process.

In addition to our full-time and part-time staff, the office frequently receives interns - students who wish to gain work experience in Japan. The interns are usually employed in cross-over projects between Admissions, the rest of the International office and the Multimedia Studio's Division 4 (as each of these is directed by Mr Murphy). We also have a growing network of offices and partners institutions overseas that we sometimes use as support for the homepage.

Meet some of the staff....

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