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Information regarding Yamasa's Accreditation

(APJLE) Official governing body in Japan,
(NAFSA) Association of International Educators
As a Japanese education program provider, the Yamasa Institute is required to be a member of the APJLE (Association for the Promotion of Japanese Language Education) which is the governing body established by the Japanese government (Ministry of Education, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Justice) and education providers. Only schools that are accredited by the APJLE can authorize the certificate of eligibility required for the Shugakusei student visa. And all Japanese language education providers need to meet quality standards determined by the regulating body. Yamasa's accreditation number is B302.

In addition, we have also joined other international organizations to further improve our quality and ensure that external auditing can help us identify new opportunities for improvement. The main organization we have joined is NAFSA (the Association of International Educators based in Washington DC, USA) We have also joined various country based organizations - with a particular objective of ensuring correct visa and credit transfer procedures. Yamasa also has established links with various universities around the world. However please note that these are not accreditations - only the Japanese government/APJLE framework has the authority to regulate education providers in Japan.

Contents: APJLE, NAFSA

APJLE - Association for the Promotion of Japanese Language Education

As a Japanese education program provider, the Yamasa Institute is required to be a member of the regulating body - the Association for the Promotion of Japanese Language Education - (APJLE).. We were a founding member and our membership number is B302.

There are two key points to note regarding the accreditation system.

  • Firstly please note that ALL Japanese language institutes are required to meet quality standards determined by the APJLE. Only accredited institutions are able to receive students into their programs with student visas.
  • Please also note that while all Japanese language institutes require APJLE accreditation - there is still a recognizable quality difference between many of the APJLE accredited institutes. The accreditation system only installs a minimum standard.

    In October 1996 a second layer of higher quality APJLE accredited institutions entitled 'Appropriately Authorized Japanese Language Education Institutes' was established. The difference between these schools and the average schools is that the systems and records of the 'Appropriately Authorized' schools reflect very high levels of quality. The Yamasa Institute in Okazaki City was selected as an 'Appropriately Authorized Japanese Language Education Institute' in the very first group. We are proud of the quality we provide and maintain, and of the fact that it is well recognized. We are currently assessed and authorized as the "only institution in the Mikawa region with the appropriate programs, systems, curriculum and facilities required for quality Japanese language education."

    A key advantage of this is the fact that the Immigration Bureau also makes a distinction between the high quality institutions and the others. The bureau has given the following privileges to the higher level Institutes since April 1997.

    1. Faster inspection of application (allowing a later application deadline),
    2. Reduced documentation involved in the application, and
    3. Longer period of stay for student visa (12 months instead of 6 months)

    The benefits to students of a longer period of stay and a reduction in the amount of bureaucracy and time involved in applying are considerable. Compared to Yamasa, many institutions will require you to complete your applications up to 4 months in advance. This is because the applications will be subjectable to considerable scrutiny before a visa is approved. The differentiation also allows students a further method of selecting higher quality schools. Only schools that can offer a renewable "Shugakusei" visa with a 12-month period of stay are 'Appropriately Authorized'.

    Contents: APJLE, NAFSA

    NAFSA - Assoc. of International Educators

    Association of International EducatorsThe US organization NAFSA is based in Washington DC and promotes the exchange of students and scholars to and from the United States.

    Please note that Membership of NAFSA does not imply approval or endorsement of our Institute or other members. The reason we joined this association in the USA is because it is the leading organization involved in setting and upholding standards of good practice, and provides professional education and training that strengthen institutional programs and services related to international educational exchange. It has been particularly useful in establishing a framework for academic credit transfers. NAFSA also plays a key role in policy formation regarding international education programs for most American universities and colleges.

    Our membership of NAFSA does not result in audits, but does provide us with a forum for discussion of issues and a network for sharing information with other high quality educational institutions.

    The NAFSA website is at www.nafsa.org

    For more information about Yamasa please click on the link buttons on the left hand side of this page.

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