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Accommodation Prices

The links below will show the range of accommodation options and the accommodation fees. In our efforts to provide flexibility and to keep your costs to a minimum, there are a range of housing options, different price schedules for students enrolling with a friend or partner / living in student housing with a friend or partner who is not enrolling, no shikikin or reikin charges, and for extension program students a no-deposit system.

To calculate your accommodation fees you first need to know which course you intend to enroll in. Click on one of the course links below to view accommodation fees.

  • For students enrolling in any of the following programs:
    AIJP/AJSP, AIJP/Business

  • For students enrolling in any of the following programs:
    Acceleration, Business Japanese, Language & Culture, Private/Semi-Private, SILAC

    If you haven't decided on which program is the most suitable for you, please click here and browse through the program catalog.

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