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(1a) Maps of Japan, (1b) Aichi, (1c) Okazaki, (1d) Hane, (1e) Campus, (1f) Airports, (2) Airport Pickup (3) Station Pickup (4) Travelling from Tokyo/Osaka (5) Travelling in Japan (6) Climate, (7) Rainfall, (8) Okazaki Introduction

(1a) Map File - showing Okazaki's location in Japan

Our students enjoy living in the historic castle town of Okazaki, in the center of central Japan. As you can see by looking at the map of Japan, this historic city is ideally placed to enable students to easily visit the most famous places in Japan. Located exactly halfway between Tokyo and Osaka, halfway between Shizuoka and Kyoto, the city has played a key role in the history of Japan and remains a key center for high tech commerce and knowledge based industries.

(1b) Map File - showing Okazaki's location in Aichi Prefecture

Aichi Prefecture has everything you would expect from an mixture or forested mountain and urban areas with 7 million people. The students are not isolated - Aichi Prefecture is the heart of Japan, high tech and home to one of Japan's strongest regional economies. There are a large number of art galleries, museums, sightseeing spots and other interesting locations for students to visit.

(1c) Map File - of Okazaki showing our location in Hane suburb.

Yamasa's location in the Hane-cho area of Okazaki also offers excellent advantages. We are just a 5-7 minute walk from the main JR (Japan Railways) Okazaki railway station on the Tokaido Line (the main line between Tokyo and Osaka) - which is also the junction for the Aichi Kanjo line (Seto and Toyota City). Bicycles are the best form of transportation, but the students never have far to go to reach a bus-stop.

(1d) Map File - of Hane showing our campus location and surrounds

Our campus is located in a quiet residential area with restaurants, banks, historic temples, parks such as Minami Park, major shopping centers, Minami Hospital and all Student Accommodation are within easy walking distance. Success in learning Japanese will depend not only on classroom instruction and private study, but on the environment in which the students live. In Okazaki their higher standard of living makes it easier to learn, and also more enjoyable.

(1e) Map File - Campus Map

Our campus has much more space per student than in usual at language institutes in Japan. There are currently a total of 4 buildings, some of our students even drive to classes - Yamasa has free carparking.

(1f) Map File - showing the 3 major Airports

Our central location within the 3 major airports makes it easier for students to choose cheaper flights. Our free airport pickup on selceted dates is only for Nagoya International Airport - but excellent train connections are also available from both Tokyo and Osaka.

(2) Airport Pickup

We provide a free airport pickup service for students arriving at Nagoya airport only, ON SELECTED DATES. All we need to know is the day of their arrival, the flight number and arrival time preferably at least 10 days before arrival. Please ensure that you receive an email confirming that we have received your flight details. Please click here for the airport pickup schedule details and dates.

(3) Station Pickup

If a student is arriving by train, we can meet them at JR (Japan Railways) Okazaki station. This station is a key stop on the Tokaido line (the main line between Tokyo and Osaka) and all of the express trains running between Shizuoka and Gifu Prefectures stop here. It is also where the Aichi Kanjo line connects with the Tokaido line. It doesn't matter what day of the week it is or what time.

(4) Travelling from Tokyo (Narita airport)/Osaka

If the student needs to/wants to arrive via Tokyo or Osaka, the rail connections are excellent. Travelling by train in Japan is expensive - so its usually not worth trying to save on time or airfares. Click here for full details of how to get from Tokyo or Osaka to Yamasa.

(5) Travelling in Japan

Yamasa's location in central Japan makes it cheaper and quicker to visit most of Japan's major sites. Click here for information on travel time and fares.

(6) Climate

In Japan the seasonal variations are very pronounced. Winters are cold and snow not unusually, and summers are tropical with high humidity. Advice regarding suitable clothing and preparation will be valuable to a student who hasn't visited Japan before.

(7) Rainfall

As you can see from the rainfall chart, the milder Okazaki winter has little snowfall. The wettest months tend to be in early summer and the typhoon season.

(8) Okazaki Introduction

A program at Yamasa offers opportunities not only to study the language, but also to personally experience a wide range of cultural activities most students never have the opportunity to see - let alone do. Okazaki has had no trouble managing to retain its individuality - despite the fact that it is one part of an conurbation of just over 7 million people. Okazaki is a city renowned for its history, traditions and at the same time, advanced science and technology. Advisors' Catalog

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