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Airport Pickup Schedule Information

If a student is going to be travelling across 6 times zones or more, they are likely to suffer some jetlag on arrival. In this case it is best to arrive 2 days early. The free airport pickup service is usually available for the 2 days before your commencement ceremony/placement testing. Please request pickup using the form in the FORMS section.

Due to the number of students arriving simultaneously, we usually use a bus to provide the airport pickup. There will be a maxmimum of three separate pick ups from Nagoya airport in a single day. Once in the morning, once in early afternoon and once in the evening. The exact time the bus will leave will depend on flight arrivals that day and we don't leave before everyone has cleared customs and has been accounted for. Please check the airport pickup dates (the two days before each commencement date) in the online catalog before you book your flight. If a student MUST arrive earlier than these dates please contact (as their early arrival may also affect accommodation).

Please check the list of dates below before booking your flight. This is the schedule for airport pickups at Nagoya Airport for students enrolling in Acceleration, AIJP, AJSP, SILAC, Discovery and Internship programs. Please note that an airport pickup service (either free or 4000 yen - please scroll down) is available on any day for students enrolling in the Refresher Course, Private/Semi-Private Classes or CALL Seminar program.

Free Airport Pickups are available on the following dates:

Airport Pickups Are Not Available on any other dates unless a special request is made to A charge of 10,000 Yen will apply for any airport pickup on a day not listed above. The only exception to this is for students enrolling in the Refresher Course, Private/Semi-Private Classes or CALL Seminar, in which case the airport pickup fee is 4000 yen. If you are not enrolling in one of these three courses and are unable to change your flight to a different day, you will need to travel to Okazaki by airport shuttle bus or by train:

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