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Location of Yamasa in Japan

Yamasa students enjoy living in the historic castle town of Okazaki, in the center of central Japan. As you can see by the map, this historic city is ideally placed to enable you to easily visit the most famous places in Japan. Located exactly halfway between Tokyo and Osaka, halfway between Shizuoka and Kyoto, the city has played a key role in the history of Japan and remains a key center for high tech commerce and knowledge based industries.

It is a safer and quieter city - an easier place in which to live and study. While Tokyo has a daytime population of 30 million people, Okazaki has only 330,000 and has a small town feel. However the city is part of Aichi Prefecture, the population of which is now just over 7 million in an area the size of greater London, Sydney or Los Angeles. The town is prosperous with high tech industries, research institutes and universities, and yet it has retained its festivals and traditional crafts. In short it is safer, cheaper and quieter than crowded cities like Tokyo or Osaka, and more suited for study and a taste of the traditional Japan. It is also a low-cost city. It is very important for students that rents are less than half that of Tokyo and this is reflected in everything from the cost of accommodation to groceries, entertainment and of course our tuition fees. One look at our programs will quickly dispel any notion that studying in Japan has to be expensive. There is absolutely no need to spend Tokyo or Osaka prices in order to study Japanese in Japan. Also most students do not realise before they arrive that Japan has tremendous regional diversity.

As well as the advantage of avoiding high costs, Okazaki's location makes it easier and cheaper to travel throughout Japan. While we recommend that every visitor to Japan should visit Tokyo and Osaka at least once, many students quickly understand that visiting is more fun than enduring long daily commutes and high prices at a time when study is their main priority.

If living in Tokyo is one of their objectives, explain that it is easier to learn the language first in Okazaki before moving to Tokyo for work or university study later. If seeing Tokyo is one of their objectives, then it is easier to visit it. As Yamasa's programs finish at midday on Fridays, they can be in Tokyo long before sunset for a weekend trip. By contrast, if they study in Tokyo, there is no way they could do the same trip to Osaka, Kobe, Nara, Kyoto or the Japanese Alps in the same time. A central location is an essential base if they want to see and enjoy as much of Japan as possible.

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