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Location of Okazaki in Aichi Prefecture

Despite being part of Aichi Prefecture and just 30 minutes from central Nagoya, the city has always has a strong independent identity. For students though it is worth noting that many Japanese cities such as Tokyo and Osaka were almost completely destroyed during WWII, but here Yamasa students can visit dozens of temples and shrines dating back hundreds of years, participate in the festivals and explore the historic castle and town by bicycle or on foot.

Even so, everything you would expect from an urban area of 7 million people is available. The students are not isolated - Aichi Prefecture is a manufacturing powerhouse and home of one of Japan's strongest regional economies. It is the home of Toyota and much of Japan's motor vehicle industry. There are a large number of art galleries, museums, sightseeing spots and other interesting locations for students to visit.

The Tokaido Line (the main trunk route between Osaka-Kyoto-Nagoya-Shizuoka and Tokyo runs straight through Okazaki. This means students have excellent access to Nagoya, Toyohashi and the coastal resort of Gamagori. (All within 30 minutes)

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