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Transfer Credit

The majority of Yamasa students have completed already completed undergraduate studies. Others obtain credit through their studies at Yamasa. Colleges that have approved credit in the past include Cornell, Harvard, Howard, Maryland and many others. If you would like to have your studies at Yamasa credited towards your degree you will need to go through a process of transferring your results at Yamasa into credit points at your university or college. Please note that as no two countries, and no two universities have the same system - that your success in obtaining transfer credit is going to depend heavily on preparation.

The Japanese programs you take at Yamasa, and your performance in that program will be evaluated and judged via "transfer credit" procedures and standards. The people most likely to be involved in the decision as to whether to award credit or not include....

At your university/college:
1) the Japanese language faculty, (2) Studyabroad Office personnel (or equivalent) and (3) the Registrar (or Provost or equivalent).
At the Yamasa Institute:
1) the Faculty, 2) the International Office.

Grades given by Yamasa faculty will usually have a direct contribution to the outcome. If Yamasa faculty rate your performance poorly - it is of course unlikely that you would obtain credit.

The procedure of obtaining transfer credit usually involves your university or college examining documentation provided by Yamasa's teaching faculty and prepared by the International Office. In some cases formal institutional agreements are also required. In addition, you will probably need to be interviewed before and after your studies. Please read carefully through each of the three following files and begin your preparations and inquiries early.

(1) Obtaining Pre - Approval Credit,
(2) Obtaining Post - Approval Credit,
(3) Credit by Examination

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