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Tuition Fees, Prices and Costs

With such a wide range of courses, it is difficult to answer a common question - "How much is the tuition?". Tuition is different for each course, because each program has different intensity, length or content. The guide below provides you with a short summary of course content/cost - and the hyperlinks take you to the tuition section of that course. (Prices are in Japanese Yen and each file has an online currency converter)

Academic Programs:

Acceleration (Ultra-Intensive) Program
Depending on how long you study (6 weeks to 12 weeks), Acceleration fees and costs are between 273,000 yen to 390,000 yen for the 30 class per week schedule. There are discounts available.

Academic Intensive Japanese Program
Our longest program (from 3 months to maximum of 2 years), fees and costs for the 24 class per week AIJP begin at 290,875 Yen for the 1st quarter. For 2 years it is 1,764,000 Yen. You can pay by instalments, there are many additional options, and some discounts available.

Advanced Japanese Studies Program
This high level program (from 3 months to 1 year) is the same price as the AIJP. 24 classes per week from 290,875 to 934,500 Yen. You can pay by instalments and some discounts are available.

Japanese for Business and Professional Purposes
This flexible program is aimed at intermediate to advanced students and is provided in several formats. Available for 25 classes per week for as little as 2 weeks from 126,300 yen.

Extension Programs:

The SILAC Program
This flexible 2 to 12 week communication (conversation/grammar) course starts from 87,500 Yen.

Japanese Language & Culture Program
Flexible 2 to 12 week introduction to Japanese culture starts from 98,300 Yen.

Private Lessons
A flat rate fee per number of classes, textbooks and schedule decided in consultation with you.

Questions regarding this file...

If any of the information in this file is unclear, or if you need more detailed information, please click here and read the study/applications section of the FAQ before contacting us.

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