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Policy regarding transfers

1. Transfering to Yamasa:

In order to transfer into Yamasa from another school in Japan, you first need to inform Admissions of your current enrollment status and current visa status.

Yamasa will usually require an interview or detailed transcripts regarding your proficiency and previous studies. A pre-condition for transferees is a committment to study for a minimum of 6 months, with a non-refund for tuition policy in place during those 6 months.

2. Transfering from Yamasa:

If you wish to transfer from Yamasa to another APJLE accredited school, you can do so. However because your visa was issued as a result of a Yamasa program acceptance, and that program place cannot be offered to another applicant except at six month intervals, we will not be able to issue the documents you require for the transfer unless you have either a) studied at Yamasa for 6 months or longer or b) have paid the equivalent of six months of tuition. If you wish to transfer before the end of 6 months, then you will not receive a refund for your first 6 months tuition. Pre-paid tuition fees for additional quarters would be refunded in full without any penalty.

Questions regarding this file...

If any of the information in this file is unclear, or if you need more detailed information, please click here and read the study/applications section of the FAQ before contacting us.

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